The Deception of Beauty Enhancement

A friend had sent me a video of a woman beautifully made up. The image of her carefully painted face was absolutely stunning. Everything was perfect and she was the vision of black Barbie. In order to demonstrate how she became such a vision, the artist had to remove all her mask to start from scratch.

“Good heavens! what the hell?” was my reaction when she was barefaced and au naturel. She was no longer stunning but passed as less than attractive on the beauty measurement stick. Pimples, skin discoloration, etc. She epitomized the idea of dramatic makeover. I could not help but do a Google image search for dramatic makeup before and after and became very aware that this young lady is not the only woman who skillfully change her appearance to look very different from her true self.

Thank heavens I am not a man! One commenter on the young lady’s transformation was that it is imperative for men to take their women swimming on the first date. This is to remove everything false in order to see the true woman. There is a joke which involved a man taking a woman home from the club and in the morning, he discovered that she removed her hair extensions, spanx, fake nails, padded bra, make up and very high heels to reveal someone totally different from the woman he brought home. If you follow the entertainment news’ latest beauty trend, then one could add: fake tan, collagen for lips, butt implants/injection/padded underwear, Botox, and even temporary breast enhancement. Where does the masquerade end? What’s a guy to do when he first meets a well-groomed young lady? Do most men have to wonder if the women they see are deceptively enhanced?

When did it become okay for women to feel so ashamed of their image and are driven to falsely advertise themselves as someone completely different from their true selves? Do we really believe that false advertising is the best way to enhance one’s self-esteem or to feel attractive? While I have no issues with make up and using it to cover minor imperfections, it is something completely different from literally putting on a new face. Contouring is a new word in my vocabulary which means the ability to change enhance one’s facial features with make up – eye’s wider, nose thinner, high cheekbones, lips fuller etc. Frankly, the art of contouring belongs in the theatre and performance art shows.

There is a feeling of empathy for the single men who have to weed through the beauty façade of women. There are women who believe that a new guy should never see them without X item until they have been dating for an extended period of time. This is as deceptive as a man wearing false hair or caps to cover his baldness, a padded underpants to give the illusion of a larger manhood, removes his wedding ring when the Mrs is absent, or drives a flashy car and spend excessively to show wealth while he is in heavy debt. This is a good time to use the verse do to others as you would like to be done to you. Keep it real!

The whole deceptive enhancement creates a dilemma for the average girl next door. The extraordinarily perfect beauty that make up etc creates does not exist in nature. Very rarely will you find a woman who looks any thing close to these enhanced visions of beauty; however, when we are bombarded by these false advertising everyday, we tend to see the average natural beauty as less than. Consequently, men begin to set the beauty bar requirement high and women transform themselves in order to keep up. Take for instance the ever popular entertainment special about ‘Stars without makeup’ which is definitely a sight to behold. The comparison is dramatic and sometimes startling. Some trashy rags even go as far as to say these women are ugly without makeup. In reality, we have become so accustomed to the deception that we accept the parlour tricks over the real thing. I too had the same reaction when black Barbie transformed back to her average beauty self. I can shamefully admit that I thought the true image of this young lady was ugly in comparison to her enhanced image.

I will reiterate that I have no issues with women wearing makeup. I too will wear lip gloss and brow filler due to my thinning eye brows; however, I will never be accused of looking like someone else nor will I ever be lauded as a great beauty. As a single lass, I truly prefer men to see my au naturel state with all the imperfections of which there are many (at least in my eyes). Confidence in one’s imperfect self is a hard pill to swallow and many women were not taught this lesson.

5 thoughts on “The Deception of Beauty Enhancement

  1. Steve,
    First, I have to say thanks for correct spell for au naturel. My spell check will fail me and I forget to verify a spelling that I knew was off.

    Second, We definitely have created a society in which beauty is almost everything or at least appears to be everything. In the news, a young Youtube girl is receiving lots of recognition for her How to cosmetics vlogs. Frankly, the barest minimum is okay with me. The time and energy it takes to ‘get dolled up’ is too much unless it was a special occasion but even then I am still not into it.

    I know I would be unhappy if the situation was reversed. If a guy drastically changed his features and then after sometime he surprised me with his true self. I am sure lots of women don’t see it that way. It’s a vicious cycle of women wanting to look prettier in order to feel better about themselves and the cosmetic/beauty industry is giving them what they want.


    1. People seem to have a hot, burning desire, even need, to be something or someone that they are not. They hide their “flaws” with makeup, or even more drastically, with cosmetic-surgery. Then they “dress for success” or “dress to impress”. They buy things that they can’t afford to try to impress other people who don’t really care or matter. Trying to “Keep up with the Jones’s” has become almost an institution. They aren’t happy with who and what they are, because they have been taught to be that way.

      I went to a nude bowling event last night. Yes, there were plenty of “flaws” on display, including some of my own, but those “flaws” didn’t seem to matter to anyone, because we were all comfortable with who and what we are, and comfortable in our own skin. I have no idea who came in a Benz, or who drove a beater, and it didn’t matter. I also had no idea who is living high on the hog, or who is barely making it. I also couldn’t see their mansion or their cardboard box. We are people, human-beings, enjoying being with other people who also like to shed their clothes and have fun. Nobody put their social-status on display for all to see. I couldn’t tell who is a doctor or a lawyer, or who is a ditch-digger. Those things don’t matter.

      We all come into this world with nothing, and we leave it with everything we came into it with – nothing. We came into the world naked, and we leave this world naked. Everything else is temporary. We can choose to accept who we are, or we will endlessly be trying to make ourselves “better”, at least on the outside. Only God can and will do a complete restoration, but that won’t happen in this life.

      BTW, “au naturel” is French, so your spell-checker won’t even recognize it as being a legitimate word or phrase. There is a certain “elegance” to “au naturel” which reaches out to me.

      God bless!



  2. The very existence of the “beauty” industry speaks to the undying vanity of man-kind and the incredible greed of those peddlers. We have been looking for a “fountain of youth” for many centuries, but it is still nowhere to be found, except in cosmetics. We may be able to “turn back the clock” by covering up the effects of aging, but we will never actually be able to regain our youth.

    Even if I had an unlimited budget and could be made to look like I am several years younger, I wouldn’t go there, because it would be like putting a fresh coat of paint on a worn-out rust-bucket. Nothing can change that everything about me is worn out. My spine “zigs” where it is supposed to “zag”, curves where it is supposed to be straight, and everything that supports me is worn out, creaks and pops, and is crooked. My old ticker doesn’t hit on all cylinders part of the time, skips a beat here and there, and regardless of how much they could “tune it up”, it is worn out, so why would I bother to get that “paint-job”? It ain’t happening in this lifetime. To give you an idea of how much attention I DON’T pay to how the package looks, I just noticed a few days ago that one shoulder is two inches higher than the other. Maybe it has just gotten worse over time, and finally got bad-enough for me to notice it. I am “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG), warts, flaws, scars and all. I have no need or desire to try to appear to be something I am not.

    Beauty-queens have never come from sows, regardless of how much make-up you put on them. If you want to know what a young lady is going to look like at age 40, look at her mother. My three daughters are definitely their mother’s daughters, not that that is a bad thing. They won’t win any beauty-pageant because their mother wasn’t a “looker” either. I only saw her made-up one time, and that was after she had been to an Amway cosmetics party. She looked nice, but it was no real “improvement” on what I saw every day. She was one of eight kids, and when they were all together, there was no denying that they were all related.

    The “fashion” industry is the same way. They have to sell us the latest “look” to keep the bucks rolling in. Before we even had a TV, the one radio commercial that I remember the clearest was the women’s underwear ditty from the International Ladies Garment Workers Union…”Look for the union label…” Imagine how much revenue would be lost if all women in the west woke up one morning and decided that they love their breasts too much to trap and constrain them in bras. How many breast cancer specialists would have to find another line of work? My middle daughter has already had a double-mastectomy, radiation, and several rounds of chemo, and she still isn’t out of the woods yet. She is 32 years old…

    What if all women in the west decided tomorrow that they like their lady-parts too much to wrap them up in panties? How many fewer UTI’s and yeast-infections would there be? Those parts were designed to drain naturally and get air to them, not to be covered by multiple layers of fabric. Oh, but cotton panties are supposed to be the “best” because they are more absorbent? Sure, let’s trap that moisture against your lady-parts so that infections have a nice moist place to thrive…

    We look good, and we smell good, but we are rotting from the inside-out. What is “wrong” with au naturel human-beings? Go to a nudist resort or other nudist venue and see real people in all their natural glory. “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good”. (Genesis 1:31)

    God bless!



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