Question to the Unedited Readers

If you have constantly prayed to God for something and you still have not received it, do you stop praying for that thing and move on?

It may be hard to reconcile that the plans you have for yourself are not the same plans God has for you.  Because we have no control over the future, we take life one day at a time; however, the plans we have for ourselves usually guides our daily decisions.

How do you spiritually and emotionally handle disappointment?

My answer:
Some private tears
A day of feeling down and obsessive thoughts in my head
Isolation/shutting people out
Prayer asking why and what’s the next move
Emotional and psychological acceptance that the answer is a ‘no’ and finding another way

I would love to hear your thoughts or experience in the comment section

4 thoughts on “Question to the Unedited Readers

  1. I have several things in life that I want, but have not obtained and am not likely to obtain. In my experience, I do believe that it is possible for prayer to “change the world” because Abraham and Moses did exactly that. But it is more likely for prayer to function as a way of preparing us for the future step by step. I continue to pray for certain things even though they are virtually hopeless, simply because I believe that God will either grant my request, or use my pleading to help me see another possibility. This applies, of course, mainly to intercessory and supplicatory prayer, which is quite different from liturgical and contemplative prayer.

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      1. I think it is theologically false to perceive prayer as pestering God, especially when one considers that one of Jesus’ parables concerning prayer talks about a woman who pretty much harasses a local judge constantly saying, “Grant me justice against my adversary.” If you are having trouble with something that is motivating you to write about this, I believe you have my e-mail. 🙂

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