Before You Feel Pressure

People spend their lives comparing themselves to others. Why am I not married yet like my friends? Why can’t I get pregnant easily like my sister? Why am I not as successful or thin or this or that. The list can go on.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals for your lives but the problem is many people will start to compare their progresses to others. When you fall short of those goals, then people exhort enormous amounts of pressure on themselves. This can be one cause for why many people suffer from anxiety and depression related stress.

There is a time for everything and other times, you will not get everything you wanted. Life teaches that you have to learn to adjustment your plans AND your mind. Watch the video below and comment on what you think.  (If the video does not work, there is a link on my Facebook



2 thoughts on “Before You Feel Pressure

  1. Han, I agree that most people would not have chosen their current life journey. I am included. I found that my best laid plans never turn out the way I had envisioned. So, I have been learning, over the years, to go with what is presented to me and be flexible. Trying to compare my life to others only results in disappointment.


  2. The message is great. It can be found in scripture, just look at the lives of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, & Jesus.

    I spent 6 years at university becoming a Christian while there; didn’t get married until my late twenties; found myself out of work three recessions in a row; went back to school for a college diploma so I could find work while eating into our savings to support a wife and two children; I had a co-worker tell Children’s Aid that I was abusing my children so I would get fired and her job would be more secure; over several years I eased my way back into my chosen profession; didn’t hold down a job for more than two years at a time until I was nearly 50; was recruited to be an advisor to the profession at age 60.

    My path has not been the one the headmaster outlined. There have been ups and downs, heartbreak and disappointment. I wouldn’t have planned this path for my life. Former friends and classmates were seemingly more successful. They have their own companies, have been published, have won awards and have become famous within the profession.

    And that is the problem with comparing ourselves with others; we only compare ourselves with those who in some respect have done better. I seem to selectively forget those who haven’t done so well. Fewer than 20% are still in the profession. With one exception, all who were married in university are divorced or separated. Some are barely making a living.

    Therein also is the snare of keeping up with the Jones’s. We don’t pick just one Jones. We pick all of them who have or do something that we don’t, and then we try to keep up with all of them as the same time. It is a formula for failure.

    I live comfortably. I don’t consider myself rich. I may be able to retire in my mid 70’s. I’m not famous. I drive a modest car. I have two adult daughters who have returned to the nest. They can think for themselves and their faith is strong. My wife and I are enjoying growing older together. We have our fights every now and then, but our love for each other is not in question. Her staunch support and encouragement through the years has been invaluable.

    I would not have chosen this path for myself, but I thank God for all He has shown himself faithful in whether I understood what He was doing or not. Especially for those times when I didn’t understand.


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