The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Is Not the Fake Images on Social Media

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You will find beauty if you are looking for it.




Ladies let’s chit chat

We can agree that most women will not use the words pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, hot or any variation to describe themselves.

Why is that?

Because reality shows, movies, magazines, and social media always showcase women in an impossible flawless form: Perfect make up (even when a woman is just getting out of bed), enhanced derrieres that are as big as cantaloupes, faces (that are so smooth they look like heated plastic wrap), breasts (that do not move), lips (that look like someone was punched in the mouth), and waists so small you think fat cells just bypass the mid section (cough! Fat removal or waist trainers). The average female will feel ugly in comparison to such doctored images. Particularly when women are unaware of the work that goes into looking flawlessly beautiful.

PSA – Large posteriors are the new trend but keep in mind in order to make that area significantly bigger, you need to have large fat deposits which comes from gaining significant weight (not do a million squats) or man’s intervention. If you can’t make your breasts significantly larger through exercise, you can’t do the same with the butt. (I feel a fitness post coming on 🙂 )

In this world, the more beautiful, the more praise and attention from everyone. Women are conditioned from an early age (think a really cute baby versus an average looking baby). For women, more beautiful and half-naked means more interest from men: single and taken. This is blatantly showcased on social media (Some of the women’s exercise videos are very close to soft porn). More beautiful means more open doors and more potential opportunities. On the down side, more beautiful can also mean sexual harassment, unwanted attention, jealousy from other women and misogynistic stereotypes (#Metoo campaign). Sometimes, women just can not win either way.

There is a negative and a positive trend on social media, for instance, Instagram. Negative: Majority of the women have perfect bodies and everything from head to toe is flawless (even when they are working out) and perky. Positive: Women are starting to post real pictures comparing themselves to their staged or filtered pictures. 

∞You Don’t Have To Be Flawless To Love Yourself or Be Loved∞

There are two surprising things from these honest reveals. 1. Many of the women who post the unfiltered pictures also notes how vulnerable they feel to show their real (flawed) side. 2. The large number of women who respond with thank yous because they could not measure up to the poster’s perceived perfection. 😦

The fact is beauty is a sliding scale in which some women are more aesthetically pleasing than others. However, no matter where you fall on the scale, I believe women should have at least two trait that they absolutely love about themselves and will not try to measure them against anyone else. I do not care what it is – skilled artist, beautiful eyes, gift of gab, sweet personality, good Bible student, beautiful singing voice, charitable, kind spirit etc.

Beauty Is So Much More Than Skin Deep

Women downplay themselves quite frequently when it comes to beauty (and sometimes their intelligence). Even if you look in the mirror and you do not find your face or body as attractive as woman x, there has to be  is something about you that is special and that you should be proud of about yourself.

It is okay to acknowledge that you are not as gorgeous as person x or as shapely as person y but you have A and B that you absolutely adore about yourself. Women are constantly measuring themselves against other women and always deduce they are less than someone else. It could be as a mother, as a wife, their skin, their smarts, talent, butt, breast, stomach, hair…. A woman’s famous line “I wish I had her…” even when there is nothing wrong with their ….

It is a guarantee that the same women you are admiring as flawlessly beautiful are the very same women who are complaining about something about themselves and admiring another woman that they think is awesomely flawless. The torture cycle never ends until you stop looking for beauty outside of yourself

♥The moment you accept your flaws and imperfections is the moment you will appreciate ALL of you♥  

The most beautiful girl/woman in the world is you.


This is my lesson as well.

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