God’s Grace

Beautiful Sunrise
Photo by Harleyq2 – Sunrise

The story has been drilled into every Christian’s religious lesson about God’s grace. He came, He saw, He forgave, He died and He rose. We are all saved by His grace and mercy.

‘We are saved by grace’ is such a beautiful concept to read, hear and sing about but it can be a difficult concept to accept.

What is grace? It is God’s forgiveness and absolution of our sins. It is God telling us that we are loved no matter the state in which we find ourselves. It is perfection covering imperfection. It is the supernatural.

God’s grace does not stop the struggles, hardships or mistakes. Instead, it is the security blanket we sometimes forget exists until we run out of ways to solve a problem on our own. After we finally see grace during our despair, then we reach for it and curl up with it in order to find comfort.

We seek God’s grace as a last resort not a first choice. We seek grace after guilt, shame, sorrow, regret, disappointment, frustrations and anger. We find it in the moments of weakness; when we are so broken we can not help but reach out to God for solace.  There is a reason why grace is not the first choice. It is not because we forget God and his power but it is because we struggle to accept that we are worthy of it.

How can God be so kind and forgiving when he knows what’s in my heart or what I have done or thought? How can God see something I don’t see? God knows the plans he has for our souls. He is aware that we fight against something stronger than we are capable of handling alone. We believe in an ‘invisible God’ because we trust in hope and faith that he sees beyond what we can imagine; He understands more than we can; and He has a greater compassion for forgiveness than we are capable.

We believe in God because we want someone perfect who can do things better than any human. We want a Saviour because deep in our hearts, we know how messy we are and we need someone to save us from ourselves. For those who don’t believe in God and his grace, they seek the same things elsewhere – in people – ‘she is my better half’ ‘I need an accountability partner’ or in technology which they want to be smarter, more efficient, and helps to make better decisions.

At one point or another we are all looking for grace.

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