Do You Still Pray?

FireFighers prayer
Firefighters praying in NC after Hurricane Florence caused a tree to fall on a home killing a mother and baby

With all the crazy things happening in our world, the belief in God is not dead even though sometimes it seems that way.

I was greeted with this image of fire fighters kneeling in prayer because of the loss of a mother and baby.

The news is quick to report the gruesome and the heartlessness of people which can sap your hope of the goodness of humankind. Whether we like it or not, what we read and hear daily have a significant influence on how we see people and the world. The news can influence our hearts to become biased, frightened and even hate.

This is not to say that we should be blind to the ills of what’s going on but there needs to be a balance. Even though this image is a result of a tragedy, as people who believe that there is a God, this can renew your hope (even a little) that people have not forgotten their faith and care for others.

As an irregular church goer, prayer is still my go-to tool. Whether God chooses to answer or ignore, I still use it because it brings some measure of stress relief. Even for those who have stepped away from the church, prayer is a line that still keeps you connected to God and your faith. Prayer is just between you and your God.

Don’t stop praying – for self and others. Prayer is not necessarily a request line but a means of communication between yourself and the God in whom you believe. Pray for yourself, those around you and for the people you don’t know like those fire fighters and the family of the loss.


5 thoughts on “Do You Still Pray?

  1. Praying is something I continually struggle with. I find it often drifts into just thinking. So I think about God a lot, but that’s a little different than praying. I’m guessing He sees my intent, but it’s something I hope to get better at.

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