Bible Smack Down

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I was perusing IG when the usual annoying commercial rolled through my feed. It was a Campbells ad about an interracial family who used one of their soups to make a family traditional meal.

I thought it was cute – it showed an intact household of an average middle class family and teen kids who still like their parents. No problem right?

Oh So Wrong!

As a legal immigrant black female, I am very much aware of the destructive thread of racism that is woven in the fabric of American life. When things like this come up, my curiosity always sends me to the comment section with eyes trained and searching for the handful of people who will show their deep-seated hatred.

This time it was a ‘woke’ Christian woman. I will use the word Christian very loosely. She went on a rant about how the media is pushing the interracial agenda. She dug up one or two taken-out-of-context scriptures to back her claim that black people should not mix with anyone else. One or two brave souls went to combat (also using the Bible) about her misuse of scripture to justify her hatred.

She dug her heals in because her mind was stuck in her own murky darkness. Some times, Christians would rather smack you with the Bible than use it appropriately.

Christians Misguided

If you look through history, religion has been used for both good and evil. For whatever reason, when you put ‘in the name of God’ before and after your convictions, then it was God’s will, intent or interpretation.

One of the things that stood out in the Bible for me was God’s love for man. However, man has no love for man. How do you explain such a blatant disregard for the Bible when you profess to be living by the word of God? (This sinner wants to know)

God created man – the Bible did not specify that man was black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Neanderthal, Cro Magnon etc. God just created a man and then the rest of us came along and made a cluster mess about our own self-importance which created prejudices, classism, sexism, racism etc.

Of course, the only people who are the chosen are the ones with whom the speaker is associated. (ummm… we seem to have a lot of divergent groups of right and chosen people in this world).

Cover your eyes Christians: If you spend enough time reading the who begat who of the old testament, you will realize that all the enemies of Israel were all family because they were descendants from Ham, Shem, and Japheth after the flood. Plus, a few of the Bible champions were sent to get wives from some of those tribes.


If you are not aware, there is a ‘Christian church’ called Westboro (again I use those two words extremely loosely) who breathe a strong stench of hate. Their website address is god hates fags. I kid you not!

While most Christians would quickly disassociate themselves from Westboro’s obvious anti-god message, they are doing the very same thing ‘in God’s name’ as those fools.

Have you heard some strong minded Christians talk about fornicators, homosexuals, other religions – (Muslims are the new religious target) and things they deem unholy? You would have to check their Christian card! I have no issues with pointing out how certain lifestyles conflict with Biblical teaching. However, that is very different from calling down fire and brimstone.

God Is Love

So, there are parts in the Bible that repeatedly go on about God is love. You really can’t miss it, really! However, love does not mean naive and we are fallible humans who screw up royally.

I can’t speak for God but I think he gets that and says something about confess sins and forgiveness – (must have read that somewhere in the Bible.

Anyway, here is a piece of manna for thought: If we can sin by just lusting in our hearts, then we can sin by harbouring hatred, prejudice etc in our hearts.

If you think you are always right and justified in your negative feelings, then you leave no room to see anything else or be open to the possibility of change.

What say you?

9 thoughts on “Bible Smack Down

      1. We have a lot of groups here from all religions who stand in the way of freedoms. Sadly, in my country with the religious diversity it’s hard to come up with strict rules like completely banning underage marriages.
        That’s so weird about the hateful group….Why are they against Veterans though?? :O Don’t any of them have veterans in their families? lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Sadly, Religion is supposed to be liberating but instead it restricts. As for that group, I think they are just sad people who believes that God is punishing veterans and military members because God hates America.
          When people hate in their hearts, they will find a reason to hate anything.

          Liked by 1 person

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