Dear Married People

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Dear Married People,

These are a few thoughts from your single friends who are not miserable.

Let me be free to live the life I have chosen. Let me do what’s in my best interest. Sometimes, some of us were in a crappy situation and now are happy to just ride as a single without the hassle of minding the needs of someone else.

I see you with your life and I am happy for you. Displaying your complete family and living the dream you have always wanted. There is no jealousy or malice. I celebrate what is yours just like everything else and wish for you long life and happiness.

Assuming you are really happy

I have become a hardcore skeptic because of the lies I’ve seen and the sadness when the masks are discarded. You might pity me but it should be turned inwards. You are stuck in a life that started out great but is travelling along a bumpy and crumbling road you never imagined.

Nevertheless, I hear all your suggestions and appreciate some of them even when unsolicited and other times I just roll my eyes and let my mind wander. Remember your life isn’t mine and our paths maybe very different. It’s okay with me but it seems to be a struggle for your acceptance.

Stop saying you care but is more concerned because my life doesn’t look like yours. You are way too worried about my sex life. I think you should be more concerned about why weeks have passed and you are never in the mood despite having a consistent partner. All I ask is for you to be there, no matter what, because that is what’s important.

If I do not marry until I’m 80, then just be thankful we lived to see 80. You worry about the wrong things because I am single but complain about a boat load since you have been married.

If your marriage is truly wonderful, then you should be my greatest supporter as I diligently navigate through the sea of unsuitable to find the one who is the lifetime compatible.

You have been out of this game for so long that you don’t recognize the obstacles. People are trying to find love on the internet and believe texting is a form of good communication. Everyone is now easily disposable. A well lighted ‘perfect’ selfie attracts more than being able to have a deep conversation with a real and naturally flawed personality.

Think about it, if I screwed up in anyway, you’d be the first to quietly criticize how I was so blindly desperate. It’s always interesting how you play matchmaker and the moment there is someone, the advice changes to “you just wait until ya’ll get comfortable” for then the complaints begin and the delusion disappears.

Sometimes, I wonder why most people marry, it’s like selling Disney Land as a house of horrors. Who would want that unless you are sadistic.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate marriages. In my lifetime, I have seen only a handful of admirable couples. They weren’t perfect but they left a lasting impression. So, if I choose to get married, I would prefer to be in the handful because the majority makes me want to stay unfetteredly single.

I have my destiny. Where it leads is no one’s prediction. There are some things that rest in God’s hands and the rest I navigate to the best of my ability. I am in no rush.

Your Adventurous Single

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6 thoughts on “Dear Married People

  1. I don’t see marriage as better or worse than being single. I do see it as a preferred life situation IF AND ONLY IF the right guy for me (and I for him) comes along. Most people just get married to Mr. Right For Now. Sure, he’s smart, good looking, and satisfying in the bedroom (I’m speaking to the reality of 90% of people’s lives leading up to marriage). However, few step back and consider the qualities of a man that are good for the long haul, and the idiosyncrasies of the man in question and whether they will work well with my (the woman’s) idiosyncrasies. There will come a time that the fact that he gets to have sex with me will make putting up with my oddities tolerable — if he doesn’t love my oddities, he will hate being married to me. Similar in the reverse. If I don’t like that man thinks farting a loudly as possible is funny, I probably don’t need to be marrying him.

    So, for now, I am single. Very much open to being unsingle, yet see no reason to marry just because I find someone who will agree to it.

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    1. I too don’t see marriage as better or worse as well. It’s just another part of life. I have never had any issues with not being married and these days I am still not striving to be Mrs. Anything.

      I agree people don’t look at the ‘years from now qualities’ hence the reason many are in such a bind years later.

      To each their own. Good marriage or not, happy single or miserable, each person has to still deal with his/her own life – like it, hate it, love it or just existing.

      Thank you for your thoughts🌺


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