Stress Management Failure

Grumpy Cat

You would think that as someone who teaches stress management, I would have a better handle on managing my own stress.

Nope! It takes me a while to get my hot tempered easily triggered moody Gemini emotions under control. 🤦‍♀️

Today for instance was Grumpy Cat Monday for me (this is my usual). I was not in the mood to smile or talk to anyone particularly before 10 am. This lasted until the end of the work day. Frankly, I would have been in a splendid mood if it was no work Monday.

Oh well … some of us need to put food on the table and support summer vacations habit.

Here are some of my stress management failures and helpful tips

Stress Management Failure

Moody Monday – Monday comes around quite regularly but for some reason I can’t seem to get to bed in a reasonable time (2 am is not reasonable) and I grumble every single Monday about showing up at work.

Staying Pissed – I tend to prolong my peeved mood into hours and sometimes days. I replay every thing in my head and the scenarios are in a less than favourable light the more I think about them. I amp myself up into a negative frenzy until I am exhausted.

The Bad Guy – The target of my pissed mood is always the bad guy. I can’t objectively see my part in the situation. I can’t objectively re-frame the situation into something positive

Tiny Details Controller – Sadly, my mind can pick out tiny inconsistencies very quickly. I have one of those gifts so, I assume everyone should be as smart as I am or at least have comparable skills to see the problem and fix it. I am instantly bothered by things that are out of my control sometimes.

Stay Out – Shutting people out, shutting down or stop doing the things that are helpful.

I Care to A Fault – If I care about you (which is rare), I will want to help in anyway I can. This can be taxing to take on multiple people’s stuff.

Stress Management Tips

Find a Quick Beast Soother – Music is my instant peacekeeper of the mind. This is the reason when I play music or I am close to the ocean – I am never upset because the music of the ocean produces a calming effect.

Do You Have Control? – We tend to get more upset over things that are uncontrollable like other people’s behaviors. However, you should realistically ask yourself if you have any control over the situation. If you do not, then rethink how you allow it to upset your mood balance

Vent – When you hold things in then it gets bigger. Get that stuff out of your head and off your chest like a nasty phlegm. Find a venting buddy or a rational mind who will give you a different perspective or write it out and then shred the paper later.

Throw Something – If you feel like smashing something you can exercise it off, walk it off, use your pillow as a punching bag (if you don’t have one) or smash ice on the ground (outside). Releasing physical energy is so very satisfying. I tend to either exercise or walk.

Ask Yourself A Question – How does being in a prolonged stressed out mood help you? Does it solve the problem or make you feel worse? Answer your own questions – it will help you to take a step back and start prioritizing.

Distract yourself – You can implement progressive relaxation technique (tensing your body from your toes all the way up, hold for a few seconds and then release in reverse order), find your happy place, recite a mantra/bible verse (woo sahhh), find something that literally requires your smart brain power. If you mind is focused on something less threatening, then you don’t have time to worry about your stress.

Ditch Your Stress Triggers – Sometimes you can actually block or get rid of the things or people who are constantly triggering your stress. You can work towards ways to change your environment, unfriend people, stop taking calls, etc. It may take time but it’s all baby steps

Quit Filling Your Plate – Are you one of those people who can’t say no? You keep taking on more and more. Well you need to learn and start using the word NO. People can shoulder their own responsibilities or you can delegate. When you are laid up from mental and physical exhaustion, all those people will find someone else to do their dirty work.

Most things are easier said than done but not impossible

What are some of your stress management failures and what works for you?

7 thoughts on “Stress Management Failure

  1. Jiu Jitsu has been a literal God-sent for me; sometimes that hour and a half is the only thing keeping me from a breakdown. Whatever it is occasionally returns to haunt me when I leave, but I still had the break. Many times I just can’t seem to be upset anymore once class is over.

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    1. I forgot the failure part. I’d say my natural mechanisms are all failures: eating, caffeine, nicotine, and so on. Typical exercise doesn’t help me much either because I dislike it so much. I’ve just been blessed enough to find a type that is fun to me.

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