A Single Sinner’s Prayer

If you have read any of my religious focused pieces, then you will know I have a weird relationship with God. Every now and then, I get the whole Jesus, God, Bible, Spirit messages and other times, it’s like WTH(ell).

In my pursuit to take on the responsibilities of caring for my aging parents, I have ran into the reality of how much I have bitten off and can’t quite chew (as yet).

This week had been a little hectic and now, I have power of attorney (it’s quite a simple process if all the parties are in agreement). It’s a great decision for them but definitely extra extra responsibilities for me. Oh well, if I made it through basic training and showering with a group of women, then I can do this.

A novel thought occurred to me. I can worry my pretty little head off or I can step back, lower my blood pressure and decrease stress by showing some faith and “let go and let God.”

I figure that if I am going to fill my thoughts with something, then let it be prayer and hope.

After all, I have already mastered the art of worry. Trying something new won’t hurt.

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” – Bobby McFarrin

Worry is a normal emotion but too much of the normal is not a good thing. I have my timeline when I want things to happen and how they should happen. However, when things run astray, I go into worry mode until I figure out how to fix it. (Yes, there are some control issues)

My Brain Is On Worry High

Life can be a son-of-a-gun. I had finally come to peace with one major issue and here comes another. However, I am choosing to handle things a little different. I am going to follow one of those Christian mantras about giving your worries up to the Father in charge.

Let Go Let God

This is the first week into this exercise and I have to say that it’s nice to not have my brain consumed with running 10 different scenarios on how to fix these snafus. It’s only running 1-2 and prayer and faith have taken over the rest of my brain space.

Free Your Mind

Singles and married-singles tend to have it a bit rough because of no existing partners to share the burden. Single parents, single caregivers, etc. need to cultivate a support system. These are the times in which friends and trusted family take on the role of a support. Sure, you can keep reciting “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” but if you notice, Jesus had his posse along with hope, faith and prayer.

For those of you who are fixers and worriers, have the ‘let go and let God’ worked? Do you pray without ceasing? If not, then what works in wrangling in your worried mind?

Tell Me What You Think

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