COVID-19 Panicked or Coping?

So, if you have been living in the wilderness without any communication then, COVID-19 and its destruction or conspiracy theories would be a surprise.

As most of the world is going through crisis mode and the other 1-2% is pretending like it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, people are struggling to deal with this pandemic 2019-2020 (FYI – 19 means the year not the strains of the virus) and quarantine/isolation siege.

How’s You Doing?

I have heard the lament from many extroverts on the horrors of being stuck inside. I have seen the dramatics of parents who are held hostage with their own spawn. I have heard singles decry their loneliness and countless relationships struggle because of their excessive together time. Well…Suck it up!

While I don’t ignore people’s genuine feelings, sometimes we lose perspective because of our focus on self. I myself am doing that too. For example, I absolutely hate the fact that each weekday morning, I leave my apartment and I am one of a handful of people who are going off to work while the rest snuggle in bed (can you hear my resentment?).

While some are crying that they want to be back at work because they are bored, I would be perfectly contented at home enjoying my introvert quiet time. It is not the world’s fault that you decide to raise your kids in a manner in which you can’t stand being in their presence for extended periods of time. It is not the world’s fault that you married that particular person you can’t stand to be with for longer than 3 waking hours out of the day. Put on your adult ‘life gives you lemons underwear’ and learn to handle it.

God’s Reminder

With my own selfish whining, I have to continually remind myself that I am blessed. I am blessed because I have a job and a paycheck. I am not worried about paying my bills or having to stand in line at a food bank.

I have to remind myself that I am blessed because I am still healthy and so are my parents who are high risk. My job as their caretaker does not end with a quarantine. It’s magnified. Again, I have to constantly take my mind off “poor me” and see the blessings that so many are not afforded right now.

Crisis, Care and Crazy

This pandemic has brought out the helpers, the nuts and the others. The helpers are those front line medical, food service, public servants etc who have to show up, interact with the public and do their jobs. They are the ones who are exposed to people who don’t care about spreading the disease or who believe “it’s not that bad.”

The helpers are the ones who are at risk because of those who want to party like it’s 1999 because it’s their selfish right to have fun. They are exposed to the nuts who intentionally want to spread a highly contagious virus.

In a crisis, there are people who show up and serve. There are those who care about others and do whatever they can to help. However, there are also those who can callously say things like ‘the people who died had one foot in the grave anyway.’ There are those who want adulation and those who care about preserving their wealth and status. A crisis always brings forward ones’ inner character.

I Choose Coping

I choose coping because panicking does nothing to help the situation. I was listening to the Easter sermon online, the pastor said that in times of crisis, the religious people try to figure out where these signs and wonders fit into the end-times/God’s plan. However, people should be more focused on the here and now relationship with God.

My first-line coping strategy is prayer. That’s a lie. To be honest, I became frustrated and emotionally restless. I looked for tangible – non spiritual ways to dampen or control my feelings. After going through my usual options, I surrender to my next coping strategy.

My second-line coping strategy is prayer. It works miracles particularly when you are single. My prayer always involves me trying to not be so darn self-focused. I pray for a friend who is financially struggling. I pray for another friend who is recovering from yet-to-be-diagnosed-through-testing-but-suspected-COVID-19. I pray for her because if she is cleared for work, she will be in a medical office in NYC (New York City).

The third-line coping strategy is to do the best I can to protect myself and those around me. When you step back far enough, a wise person will see that getting through this crisis is not just about self but protecting others.

We Forget

There are people in dire situations – ill family members who are alone, kids and spouses quarantined with their abusers, people who are on the front lines being exposed, the mentally ill with limited supports, the elderly who are completely on their own etc.

The ones who have little to be worried about are the ones who need to be reminded that we have to stop for a second, pull our heads out of our derrieres and recognize that it’s not always about our minor discomfort.

Your feelings are important; they are just not everything.

The next time you find yourself whining incessantly about your minor discomfort, think about someone else who is not as blessed as you are.

Everyone Stay Safe

Whine Less (or have a sip of wine)


What are your greatest challenge and coping strategy with this crisis?

7 thoughts on “COVID-19 Panicked or Coping?

  1. I’m coping! I’m lucky that I work a pt home health job only 3 hours a day so it gives me a little bit of money. I pray for those who aren’t as fortunate as I am.

    I’m doing a lot of reading and writing to deal with the lockdown. One good thing about it is that you have plenty of time to indulge in your passions.

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    1. Good hear that you are coping. There are so many ways in which people can use this time wisely and positively. It’s definitely learning to adapt and manage change.


  2. I think the response to this thing is ridiculous. We have, for the first time ever, decided to shut down (OK, half shut down) over a NORMAL very normal occurrence — people getting sick, and a relatively small subset of those people dying. This is the story of mankind. One day, we all get to die (Hebrews 9:27). I understand that most people have no interest in causing the event to happen sooner than later, yet it is still a reality of living on this planet. A REALITY.

    We have sent the entire nation into a panic over what has been happening year after year after year, without much of conscious thought about it. A respiratory viral infection that infects many, and ultimate leads to death of some, typically those who are already impaired. We associated it with age, yet it is really more a matter of impairment. A hale and hearty 80-year old is at little risk, a 35-year old with a history of lung cancer and lupus, probably in serious trouble if he/she gets such a virus. Statistically, impaired immune systems tend to correlate with old age, so we associate advanced age with risk.

    This year, I believe for purely political reasons, the world has decided to react differently. Shut it all down. Claim it saves lives, and shut it all down. Of course, we will also see a reduction in automobile-related deaths, because people are driving a lot less than they once did; so are we going to continue the shut-down indefinitely so to save lives from automobile accidents???? Of course we aren’t; the media and left-wing politicians conspired to generate propaganda around this specific virus, and get the ignorant masses to stop their lives, crash the economy, and have most (not all) of us begging to get a huge bite of socialism. And it worked. Goebbels would be proud.


    1. I do think that if this is purely about American politics, then other countries would not have done the shut down prior to America.

      I agree that death is inevitable; however, it is a human moralistic nature to want to preserve life (think religion and medicine). I realize many healthy people believe it’s okay to let the others die out to continue life as usual. I can assume that those people have no one they are concerned about losing, so if it doesn’t affect them, then disregard others.

      I am also aware of how this shutdown adversely affects others- income, hard earned business, disrupting their daily lives.

      I read where someone said, if this virus killed the young, people would take it more seriously. So, when a tv doctor suggested opening the schools first and allow a % to die for the greater good, people were quite appalled.

      Due to my parents and self being in the high risk group, I have a different perspective (none of us have one foot in the grave already). This doesn’t mean I want this shut down to go on forever either. Like after any disaster, a country will return to life again. It will not be overnight. It’s just a matter of when each person is no longer a easily contagious death sentence to a significant group of its population.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective on this issue.


  3. Nice to read you’re lucky enough to find your circumstances don’t make you feel trapped by anything at the moment, whether that be managing kids or a difficult relationship. However I’m aware not everyone is as ‘blessed’ as you put it, as you say you are. I wonder if it’s more helpful to them to be allowed to say what they need to say rather than made to feel shamed and have to repress it? Sometimes it’s all part of the processing, and for some, it’s actually a way to let off steam. Which incidentally is better to be released, than to ‘suck it up’!

    That said, aspiring to have a ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude of selflessness is never a bad thing either and I can imagine that must feel like a coping strategy in itself. I think thats what I’m trying to say; some people react differently because it’s their way of coping. There’s a time and a season for everything under the sun. To each their own, at different stages. Sounds like it’s just not your season to moan which is great. Long may that continue for you!

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    1. LovingSummer, I am okay with others letting out their frustrations. However, when that is the only complaint throughout this process, then it is time to look at the bigger picture.

      When we can only see the world from one perspective, then the smallest nuisance seems like a mountain.
      Keep Safe


      1. Yeah except their only complaint (in your eyes) could be the final straw that breaks the camels back. Only you might not see what else goes on beneath the surface….
        sounds like we might have to agree to disagree on this one!

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