Who Is Your Brother’s Keeper?

Do you recall in the Bible when it talks about each person is his/her brother’s (sister’s) keeper? This was highlighted in the best-friend/brothers from another mother story of David and Jonathon.

Recap The David and Jonathon bromance. At the time, Jonathon’s father Saul was the King. Saul started going crazy and threatened David (who God had chosen to be the next King). Jonathon loved David so much that he helped David escape death by the hands of his father. When Jonathan died, it grieved David. David loved Jonathan equally which prompted King David to restore the house of Jonathon through his surviving son.

Okay, now that you are all caught up. I will continue.

The Flu, Car Accidents & Covid -19

I was having a conversation with a coworker. He too was frustrated with the lock down response to the virus. He compared the corona deaths to traffic accidents and wondered how people dealt with the Spanish Flu of 1918. At the time of the conversation, I was not familiar with the specifics of the pandemic Spanish Flu but later read that the US did do a lock down, people protested and ignored social distancing and face coverings, the government gave in and the second wave had the grim reaper working much more overtime.

I said to him that people who have ‘nothing to fear’ or do not believe in the contagious dangers tend to think about themselves instead of their neighbours. As faces flash across the news of protest rallies, the placards that I saw read “I want a hair cut,” “tyranny” “My Body My choice Trump 2020 (with a picture crossing out a face mask)” (I wont’ go into the irony and hypocrisy of that anti-lock down placard) and other superficial messages. I was expecting to see more, ‘I am hungry,’ ‘I can’t pay my rent‘ ‘I am losing my business‘ signs. (Who knows, maybe all the news edited out those. After all, in the US, only Fox News has the truth and the rest are democratic uber-liberals who misinterpret everything incorrectly).

Anyway, I saw pictures of a grandmother with a cane, parent(s) with all their children, older people who are in the vulnerable population, people who appeared to fit into the stay-at-home or retirees categories.

Brother Me & I

It made me start to wonder, who are the majority of those people protesting?Are they truly concerned about the economy and their dire welfare or are they people who want their lives back to normal at any cost because the restrictions are an inconvenience? The normal lives that involve hair salons, movie theatres, sitting in a restaurant, clubs, shopping, gyms, sports and other leisure/self-pleasing activities.

I asked my coworker about sending kids back to school. I wanted to know what were his thoughts on the minority immuno-vulnerable kids. Do they stay at home? How about the kids with immuno-vulnerable parents? Do those kids stay at home too? The science says kids do get the virus but they are not severely affected. So, while the majority of kids will recover without incident, a few will not. We all know that kids are germ vectors who spread things among themselves and to their families. Are the minority worth the sacrifice? Before you answer, keep your children, cousins, grandchildren etc in mind. (I would hate to say to the NY firefighter who loss his 5 month old that his daughter died for the greater good.)

People Die

People Die!!!! My coworker mimicked that same sentiment that I had heard so often from the people who believed they will not be affected. I said yes, people die but if you knew your family is in the high risk population, would you have that same sentiment? Are you volunteering your family or self to be the ones that die for the greater good?

I do believe that when people say ‘people die’ what they really mean is ‘I could not give two sh$t if someone I don’t know dies as long as it’s not me or the people I care about.’

Maybe you have heard people say it’s ‘nature thinning out the population’ or ‘survival of the fittest.’ Again, death comes to us all but in situations like these, a select few believe sacrificial death only applies to the other people. Do you ever wonder why you do not hear such sentiments from people who had the severe to life threatening COVID symptoms? Or from people who are waiting to bury their dead?

However, if you use the same arguments as above, then what is the purpose for doctors, medicines and health aids to prolong life? Should’t we all accept death naturally even when there is no pandemic? This means no cancer drugs, no heart medications, no inhalers, no surgeries, no antibiotics. When our soldiers are shot or blown up, they should be allowed to just die. After all, people die so why bother trying to cheat natural selection?

When Do We Want It? Now!!

My coworker has the opportunity to telework but he consistently refuses. He wants to come in to the office every work day. Dedicated or I suspect that he wants to run away from his family.

As I said in my last post, many people are stuck at home with the families they created but cannot stand to be quarantined with them for extended periods. Those are the people who selfishly want their “freedom” from the “tyranny” of their lives. My coworker is not alone.

All their arguments are based solely on self. They don’t want to be free because they are starving, can’t pay their rent/mortgage, or losing their businesses. They want to be free because they are uncomfortable with this temporary normal. Yes, I said temporary because like other pandemics or epidemics, COVID-19 too shall pass. It’s just a matter of numbers – the number of graves that will be dug for the ones who will not recover.

I wonder what would happen if all those protesters decided to work together to help each other weather through this period? To be each other’s brother’s keeper?

I know my readers are smart but I do feel a responsibility to say ingesting disinfectants are dangerous. Unless you are planning to intentionally poison yourself, this will not clean your insides/lungs.

PSIt was not too long ago we had people eating Tide Pods for fun.

Feel free to leave your agreement/disagreement, observations or opinions in the comment section.

God Speed and Stay Safe All

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