U.S. Privileged

I was having a conversation with a friend and the topic turned to guns. He believes that liberals are threatening to take away all guns and this will cause a civil war. Image Credit: Google My rhetorical statement was the privileged would be willing to destroy a way of life over something so stupid. When … Continue reading U.S. Privileged


PTSD-Military Nightmare

Today is Veterans Day - a day set aside to honor the men and women who served in the US Armed Forces. While you take the time to say 'thank you,' I would like to use this as an awareness of the plight of some of the men and women who are serving and have served. … Continue reading PTSD-Military Nightmare

Blogging- Stay or Go

Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places and today while scrolling through my Facebook feed I ran into such a unicorn. I subscribe to a "sewist" Mimi G. who posted an inspirational bit that was well needed for me. See below: When I started sewing, I SUCKED. Hand to God I sucked bad. I could never wear anything … Continue reading Blogging- Stay or Go

God the Fairytale

Copied image Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen". I absolutely love this passage whenever I am having some doubts on the whole Christianity, divine plan and all that stuff. The word there is faith. Christianity is based primarily on faith. I love to read … Continue reading God the Fairytale

The Virtuous Man

Copied image The average Christian who have been around Christendom for sometime should have heard a pastor's speech on the virtuous woman. In case you were out that day, the Virtuous Woman's description is laid out in Proverbs 31: 10-31. Yeah! almost a whole chapter dedicated to what a good religious woman should be.  No, … Continue reading The Virtuous Man

God Is Not Completly Flatlined

First off, I have to send condolences to the families of the victims in the Newtown school tragedy. It has become so frequent to hear of monsters or agents of evil who obviously want to commit suicide but deciding to kill  others before doing the right thing and killing themselves. Whenever children are involved in these horrors, it makes … Continue reading God Is Not Completly Flatlined

Good Mothers Endurance and Love

It is Mother's Day and I have already called and wished my mother a happy mother's day. I also texted three other mothers and wish them the same sentiments. Let's talk about the endurance that is required of a good mother. When I refer to a good mother, I am distinguishing between the egg donors … Continue reading Good Mothers Endurance and Love

The Power of Positive Thought: Happiness Loves Company Too

(Image from http://thewheelergroup.wordpress.com/2008/07/29/are-you-a-tigger-or-an-eeyore/) Winnie the Pooh is a very lovable children's story that I never found interesting. I do remember snippets of the cartoon and I was always bummed out by Eeyore the clinically depressed donkey. As an adult, it still is hard to watch his mopey character. On the other hand, there is Tigger, the bouncy and positive tiger. Those two characters … Continue reading The Power of Positive Thought: Happiness Loves Company Too

Is it Wrong for Women to Wait to Settle Down?

(image copied from: http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2010/05/26/looking-for-lubricant/) As the title of this blog indicates, I am single but not just single; I am pushing 36 and single. Wait, not just single; pushing 36 but also have Christian beliefs. Ouch! I think I have put myself in a precarious predicament. This situation will be refered to as the hard sell … Continue reading Is it Wrong for Women to Wait to Settle Down?