Superficial Friday

So, it was time for me to renew my passport. Like everyone else, I hate those dreaded mandatory pictures you have to take. Well, because I didn't rehearse my facial expressions, I had one bland look for the 6 photo op. When I got the pictures back, I HATED them. They looked like mug shots … Continue reading Superficial Friday

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Is Not the Fake Images on Social Media

      Ladies let's chit chat We can agree that most women will not use the words pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, hot or any variation to describe themselves. Why is that? Because reality shows, movies, magazines, and social media always showcase women in an impossible flawless form: Perfect make up (even when a woman is just … Continue reading The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Is Not the Fake Images on Social Media

A Sexy State of Mind

My mirror usually tells the truth. I have some cellulite, tiger stripes smack dab on both cheeks, imperfect skin from head to toe, and a lower pooch that I can't seem to get rid of. Oh well! I am not an airbrushed supermodel. However, this does not interfere with me occasionally having a sexy state of mind. … Continue reading A Sexy State of Mind

The Deception of Beauty Enhancement A friend had sent me a video of a woman beautifully made up. The image of her carefully painted face was absolutely stunning. Everything was perfect and she was the vision of black Barbie. In order to demonstrate how she became such a vision, the artist had to remove all her mask to start … Continue reading The Deception of Beauty Enhancement