When I started this blog, I never intended to write much from the "spill my guts" point of view. I thought I would blab about things that people are afraid to talk about and keep my personal life to a minimum. However, every now and then I do share things without delving much into specific … Continue reading Cup Is FULL

Gender and Sexual Fluidity

Disclaimer: This post will offend people. This post will not be filled with hateful rant. However, I will entertain mature discussions  I do not keep up with the ever changing categories of gender and sexual orientation so, if I get something wrong outside of the male, female, hetero and homo categories, then feel free to … Continue reading Gender and Sexual Fluidity

Jesus and Christianity Were Liberal

Christianity was born from Jesus being the antithesis of the ruling religion, beliefs and practices of the day. He was crucified for being liberal. I was reading a young Christian man's post about rules on dating and he took the stiff culturally traditional views and added some bible verses (out of context) to support his preferences. In the post, … Continue reading Jesus and Christianity Were Liberal

Do You Still Pray?

With all the crazy things happening in our world, the belief in God is not dead even though sometimes it seems that way. I was greeted with this image of fire fighters kneeling in prayer because of the loss of a mother and baby. The news is quick to report the gruesome and the heartlessness of people … Continue reading Do You Still Pray?

When Religion Brings Out the Worst

Religions are so diverse there is a flavor for everyone. The universal idealism of religion is that it is supposed to be a guide in how to live a good life, how to treat others and ultimately getting a good reward in the end. One can extrapolate that this goes for majority of the world religions. While this idea … Continue reading When Religion Brings Out the Worst

The Insulting World

(Image copied from Identifying one's self as Christian usually gets one of a few reactions depending on your audience. The first is the impression that you think you are better and morally just than everyone else (goody two shoes). Then there are the anti-religious who wants to challenge your idiotic belief in a myth. There are the curiosity … Continue reading The Insulting World