Bible Smack Down

Photo credit: Google-Family Guy TV Show I was perusing IG when the usual annoying commercial rolled through my feed. It was a Campbells ad about an interracial family who used one of their soups to make a family traditional meal. I thought it was cute - it showed an intact household of an average middle … Continue reading Bible Smack Down


Religious Conflicts: Bible Boredom

If you have been a Christian and going to church for a number of years, then you have heard and read most of the bible. You have also been exposed to many lessons or variations on the theme. How does the bible stories still keep their interest and not become a repetitive bore to you if you are studying … Continue reading Religious Conflicts: Bible Boredom

Questioning the Bible

I had taken a hiatus from blogging because there seem to be nothing of great interest in the religious world to blog about at this time. When it comes to religion, there are so few things to discuss before I start repeating yourself. I am not back with a renewed vigor but with a struggle of … Continue reading Questioning the Bible