12 Reasons To Live

I was talking to a young man in his early 20s who has a chronic low mood. This was not my first time interacting with him and just like in the previous encounters, he projected the Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh) personality. He wants life to be easy. He wants life to be comfortable without having … Continue reading 12 Reasons To Live


Superficial Friday

So, it was time for me to renew my passport. Like everyone else, I hate those dreaded mandatory pictures you have to take. Well, because I didn't rehearse my facial expressions, I had one bland look for the 6 photo op. When I got the pictures back, I HATED them. They looked like mug shots … Continue reading Superficial Friday

Celebrating 42 and Reflecting on the Good and the Bad

  I recently aged one more blessed year to 42 yikes! When I think about that number, I sigh and think about all my mistakes and wishing for some do-overs. I also think about the good things in my life. The Lessons CHOICES - For over a year, I have come to fully understand Paul's lament … Continue reading Celebrating 42 and Reflecting on the Good and the Bad

My Rant: Happy Single Naysayers

Why is it that people have such a difficult time with allowing singles to choose to be single or enjoy their singleness if they have not found the right person as yet or is not looking for that 'special someone'? Why do people believe single and happy is an oxymoron? Are married people always happy? Is every single … Continue reading My Rant: Happy Single Naysayers