I Can Be Self-absorb

I have no control over anyone but myself” This is a line I use quite frequently when talking to patients about stress management. I, on the other hand, thought I was special and did not take my own advice ☺️😞. I thought I could circumvent the stress management process. Yes! Yes! I know, very arrogant … Continue reading I Can Be Self-absorb

Soft Porn In Social Media

The other day I was perusing my blog IG @Uneditedversion8946 feed. I clicked on a video and the adjoining paths took me down the rabbit hole of what I call IG soft porn. As a woman, it was a little disappointing. I am by far not a prude but I had to shake my head … Continue reading Soft Porn In Social Media

The Exhausted Parent

Parenting is a never ending exhausting task many people willingly take on for 18 years of their lives. I think most people who have never had children or it's been a long time since they have been around young children consistently are not aware or don't remember how much work goes into trying to raise decent human … Continue reading The Exhausted Parent

Love My Perfect Imperfections

Yes, I did just take a line from John Legend's All of You. It has taken 42 years to get comfortable in my skin and accept my perfect imperfections. I still do fuss a little about them when I am in my mood but for the most part, I have come to realize that no … Continue reading Love My Perfect Imperfections

Keeping It Real: Feeling Used

Do you ever feel used by the people or a person you trust? It is an uneasy feeling when you are not sure what to believe. The more connected you are with someone, the harder it is to tell when the person is not out for your best interest. The manipulation is subtle. It is not … Continue reading Keeping It Real: Feeling Used

It Is Time To Give Up On Finding ‘True Love’

Marriage #??? A gentleman sat in front of me and as we talked, I inquired about his 5th marriage. Yes, 5th! I was expecting him to say, I finally found the one after all the other failures but he flipped the script. Instead, he said they had been separated and are in the process of a … Continue reading It Is Time To Give Up On Finding ‘True Love’

Multiple Choice Dating

You have gone out on few dates with someone and you think things are going pretty well. You are not expecting long term commitment, marriage and children but in your mind, you believe that this person has the potential to go the distance. You look forward to seeing and talking to the person. There is excitement and interest - … Continue reading Multiple Choice Dating

How Do You Know If It Is Love

You meet someone and you spent time together. After repeated interactions, you find yourself having feelings. You find that you have a connection which is different from with other people. You find yourself smiling more, feeling more emotionally hurt when certain things are done and said from that person, and you find yourself being more invested in his/her wellbeing. … Continue reading How Do You Know If It Is Love

Generating A Good Day

There is that person in almost everyone's life who always has something going wrong. Every conversation is about a problem. That person has 99 problems and you tend to hear about it every single time. Yeah, that gets annoying. It is common for a lot of people to fall into the 'my problem' mode; however, sometimes, it … Continue reading Generating A Good Day

The Trust Is Broken

Trust is one of the founding fathers of any strong relationship It strengthens a bond and forges a formidable connection It makes love sweeter and worth every effort It gives you confidence that your relationship can survive any test   Then something happens and trust is cracked, broken, or shattered It starts a nightmare that cycles doubt and … Continue reading The Trust Is Broken