A Plane Crashed

I might be a little scattered with this blog but walk with me. I woke up this morning feeling energized for the rainy and overcast day. I had plans to go watch How to Train a Dragon but the weather nixed that idea. (Yes, I do still watch kiddies animation movies with adult themes. It's … Continue reading A Plane Crashed


I Am The Problem

The quickest way to resolve a problem is to blame someone else. Photo credit: Google search No? You don't agree? I was reading an IG post that talked about watching your tongue and something hit me. I had to immediately take responsibility for being the little devil when it comes to talking bad about someone. … Continue reading I Am The Problem

Getting Up & Out Difficulties

Some days are hard to get up. It's even more difficult to get dressed and get out. It is not necessarily depression because there is no sadness but a pitfall lack of motivation and a heap load of fatigue. There is not much juice left in the mind and body except to be lethargic and … Continue reading Getting Up & Out Difficulties

You Know When You Know

I am not afraid of change and I tend to move when my internal clock says it's time to get going. After that message is sent to my brain, I start my journey. I feel like I am on a never ending journey that is like a roller coaster. I am not sure if I … Continue reading You Know When You Know

Holding On To What Is Not Working

People hold on to things that are not working because they are so afraid of change.  People like my parents who are aging and live in a big city without little to no support because they are afraid of the unknown. People like my niece who believes that she can bury years of hurt and pain because she is too … Continue reading Holding On To What Is Not Working

Women: Sisters and Bitches

copied image from http://www.thestoryproject.ca/women_support/pix/women.jpg   In the last month or so, life has taken on a few major changes. I moved from one end of the country to the next; I dumped a career that I put quite a bit of time and hard work cultivating; I left a job without having another and I … Continue reading Women: Sisters and Bitches