The ‘Whores’ of the Earth

I was watching a video sent by a friend in which a man was asked how do you know when you find a wife? The young man - good looking and a self-professed former cheating ladies man - enjoyed sex with those kinds of women because they freely engaged in sex with him. He made … Continue reading The ‘Whores’ of the Earth

Sorry, I Am Not Your Blessing

Photo by on Our warped ego tells us that we are the best thing since gluten-free whole wheat slice bread. We are the heart-healthy gift to everyone. Wait for it... No, we are not! When the emotionally wounded retell their country-music-broken-heart-sad stories, they are the victims of a selfish ogre, the precious peach … Continue reading Sorry, I Am Not Your Blessing

Be Picky

I think the words "picky" and "choosy" are more frequently and negatively applied to single women trying to find a mate than to our male counterparts. Photo by Pixabay on The Basics of Women No matter how independent women are, they truly appreciate men who know how to lead. Do not confuse leadership with … Continue reading Be Picky

Eve’s Mistake Is Your Mistake

If you are not familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, then let me retell it briefly.  God told Adam and Eve to stay away from the tree of knowledge and one day while Adam was off doing his thing, Eve decided to investigate closely. She tasted the apple and wham they realized they … Continue reading Eve’s Mistake Is Your Mistake

The Good Lover

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself I want a good lover? Most singles are more comfortable in saying they want a husband or a wife but never a lover. The idea of a lover is always associated with illicit, wild and sex but I beg to differ. There is more than meets the eye to … Continue reading The Good Lover

Who Is Worth Your Time?

As someone who likes being alone more often than I like being with people, this resonates with me in a number of ways. Relationships are meant to expand your comfort zone versus putting  you in a war or perpetual uncomfortable zone Too many people have not found their comfort zone as a single but expect that … Continue reading Who Is Worth Your Time?

39-Year-Old Crisis

As I am writing this, it now seems like a funny experience rather than a crisis. Not long ago in the distant past, I somewhat celebrated my 39th birthday. It was low key like all my birthdays and I do what I typically would do... take the day off from work and scheduled a day … Continue reading 39-Year-Old Crisis

Abstinence In A Sexualized World

Surfed the internet lately? If yes, then you may have seen a few headlines relating to sex in the Christian community. First, there was the Duggar's older son inappropriate sexual touching before he was married, Billy Graham's grandson's infidelity in a crumbling marriage, and Bristol Palin announcing her 2nd out-of-wedlock pregnancy despite being a public advocate for abstinence. In … Continue reading Abstinence In A Sexualized World

The Deception of Beauty Enhancement A friend had sent me a video of a woman beautifully made up. The image of her carefully painted face was absolutely stunning. Everything was perfect and she was the vision of black Barbie. In order to demonstrate how she became such a vision, the artist had to remove all her mask to start … Continue reading The Deception of Beauty Enhancement