Keeping It Real: Feeling Used

Do you ever feel used by the people or a person you trust? It is an uneasy feeling when you are not sure what to believe. The more connected you are with someone, the harder it is to tell when the person is not out for your best interest. The manipulation is subtle. It is not … Continue reading Keeping It Real: Feeling Used

God’s Grace

The story has been drilled into every Christian's religious lesson about God's grace. He came, He saw, He forgave, He died and He rose. We are all saved by His grace and mercy. 'We are saved by grace' is such a beautiful concept to read, hear and sing about but it can be a difficult concept to accept. … Continue reading God’s Grace

Celebrating 42 and Reflecting on the Good and the Bad

  I recently aged one more blessed year to 42 yikes! When I think about that number, I sigh and think about all my mistakes and wishing for some do-overs. I also think about the good things in my life. The Lessons CHOICES - For over a year, I have come to fully understand Paul's lament … Continue reading Celebrating 42 and Reflecting on the Good and the Bad

A Lazy Single Woman

I can honestly say I am a lazy single woman. No, it's not what you think. What I mean is I am a 41y/o relatively decent looking single woman who is lazy when it comes to dating and mating. Here is my brief history in the mating world. Marriage or a permanent relationship was never on my radar until … Continue reading A Lazy Single Woman

Church Goers Vs Christians

In the last month or so, I had the pleasure of observing two professed Christians/church goers. It was not an intentional surveillance but nevertheless I could not help but reflect on something my mother said to me. Due to my lengthy absence from church, she always says that I should not look at the people … Continue reading Church Goers Vs Christians

Ripped from the Headlines… World in Chaos

The world today is definitely going to the dogs for sure. If this is not the "signs of the end," then we are in major trouble for the world events to come. Everything is in complete chaos. Let's see: American goes berserk and kills innocent women and children, the European countries are in a state of economic crisis, another … Continue reading Ripped from the Headlines… World in Chaos