The Gift of Christmas

Christmas started from a pagan custom then adopted by Christianity and has now transitioned to commercialism. You have to dig pretty deep to find the traditional Christmas music that has Christ as the center. Every commercial and feel good movie are about getting gifts for Christmas or from Santa. People say happy holidays to be … Continue reading The Gift of Christmas

The Demise of Merry Christmas

The 25th of December had been traditionally celebrated as Christmas. A symbolic reminder of the birth of Jesus and all things that came with that singular event. Growing up, Christmas meant family, food, Christmas music, and decorating the home. Christmas day was very exciting just because it was Christmas.I was not raised with being afraid … Continue reading The Demise of Merry Christmas

Modern Parents-The First Exposure To Evil

(image copied from olsuit.wordpress)   In the season of remembering a very famous birth (not Santa Clause and presents), one cannot help but look at the parents of Jesus. Mary and Joseph were chosen by God for a reason. Apparently, He saw that these two people would "train up a child in the way he … Continue reading Modern Parents-The First Exposure To Evil