Jesus and Christianity Were Liberal

Christianity was born from Jesus being the antithesis of the ruling religion, beliefs and practices of the day. He was crucified for being liberal. I was reading a young Christian man's post about rules on dating and he took the stiff culturally traditional views and added some bible verses (out of context) to support his preferences. In the post, … Continue reading Jesus and Christianity Were Liberal

Religious Guilt For Skipping Church

Which view works for you? Last winter, I was invited to a coworker's church. She talked it up pretty well 'small, more person centered' etc. I hibernate during the winter so, I do not volunteer to go anywhere if it's an option. However, I promised that when the weather gets better, I would make an appearance. Now … Continue reading Religious Guilt For Skipping Church

“Everything Is Not In The Bible…”

To my displeasure, one cable channel that I rarely watched has been replaced with what appears to be a specific denomination focused channel. During the tv surfing, I came across a man in a cowboy hat being interviewed. I caught enough of him and the tv host chastising the "new movement of the bible-only churches." However, they were … Continue reading “Everything Is Not In The Bible…”

Churchless Christians

  The connection to a church has been as a normal part of my life since birth as breathing. I went to church schools and even when I had the option, I thought long and hard and chose a Christian college attached to my current denomination. I deduced that it was better to not surround myself with all the worldly … Continue reading Churchless Christians