Who Advocates For You

When you are young, healthy and have no stress in the world, you rarely think about having to fight for yourself. As I become accustomed to my role as my parents' medical mouthpiece, I am starting to understand the importance of speaking up and asking questions. I also understand the importance of a good provider … Continue reading Who Advocates For You

Disappointments and Praises

There have been a number of disappointments and moments that create unforeseen frustrations but every now and then God throws a monkey wrench in the flow of disappointment with a praise worthy situation. I understand that even through disappointments, we should give praise but I am going to be honest... I am very human and … Continue reading Disappointments and Praises

To Be Faithful in a Relationship

The ability for many to be faithful in their relationships appears to be a struggle. There are plenty of opportunities to stray and sex is 'consequence free.' So with easy access being available just by searching your phone, then what does it truly take for someone to be faithful? Recognizing when things are not going well in the relationship … Continue reading To Be Faithful in a Relationship

Fear of Commitment: I do, I don’t, I don’t know

Making a commitment is one of those necessary evils of life. Everyday we have to make some pledge to something: car, kids, job, hair colouring, etc. However, of all the things we say 'I do' to, it seems that  making a commitment to the opposite sex is equivalent to hearing nails on a chalk board while swimming … Continue reading Fear of Commitment: I do, I don’t, I don’t know