Dating Anxiety

Don't get your hopes up šŸ™‚ I haven't been on a date in ages... dinosaur ages I say. ... and I am okay with it. Is there something wrong with me? Nahhh. Bless you men and women out there who have the stamina to go on dates after dates and constantly meeting new people and … Continue reading Dating Anxiety



Photo credit:; Artist: Concord90 Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers or people who will be trying to fill their mandatory romance quota for the year - from yours truly,Ā  a terminally single woman V-day had never packed much fanfare for me. I am not sure why it never really caught on. I guess … Continue reading V-Day

Confession of An Older Single Woman

  BeingĀ an older womanĀ and single is not an easy feat. You have to suffer through "do you have aĀ man yet?" by every one and their mother every time they see you. Everyone is "praying for you" because your love life is not swinging. Of course,Ā people want to set you up because they believe your life … Continue reading Confession of An Older Single Woman

Whose Grass Is Greener

  There are two predominant schools of thought when it comes to relationship: The grass is greener on the other side The grass on your side just needs to be watered and it will be as green as the next guy's When it comes to relationship and making connection with someone else, things are never … Continue reading Whose Grass Is Greener

Who Is Worth Your Time?

As someone who likes being alone more often than I like being with people, this resonates with me in a number of ways. Relationships are meant to expand your comfort zone versus puttingĀ  you in a war or perpetual uncomfortableĀ zone Too many people have not found their comfort zone as a single but expect that … Continue reading Who Is Worth Your Time?

Periodic Mental Break Down

What does God want for me? People always say God wants the best for you but they areĀ never specific about what that looks like in real-time.Ā  To be fair, they can't because they don'tĀ know the future anymore than I do.Ā If I should go with the Bible answer, then God wants me to have peace and … Continue reading Periodic Mental Break Down