Superficial Friday

So, it was time for me to renew my passport. Like everyone else, I hate those dreaded mandatory pictures you have to take. Well, because I didn't rehearse my facial expressions, I had one bland look for the 6 photo op. When I got the pictures back, I HATED them. They looked like mug shots … Continue reading Superficial Friday


Love My Perfect Imperfections

Yes, I did just take a line from John Legend's All of You. It has taken 42 years to get comfortable in my skin and accept my perfect imperfections. I still do fuss a little about them when I am in my mood but for the most part, I have come to realize that no … Continue reading Love My Perfect Imperfections

Confession of An Older Single Woman

  Being an older woman and single is not an easy feat. You have to suffer through "do you have a man yet?" by every one and their mother every time they see you. Everyone is "praying for you" because your love life is not swinging. Of course, people want to set you up because they believe your life … Continue reading Confession of An Older Single Woman

I Make A Terrible Christian

I am a terrible Christian and have always been. The last time I was in church it was over a month ago and I can't remember the sermon. I have my Bible by my bedside but I infrequently read it now. I prefer 'sinners' to 'saints' because I think most 'sinners' are more honest and … Continue reading I Make A Terrible Christian

Know Thyself and Things that Irritates

I had the pleasure of attending a Christian camp meeting a week ago and it reinforced my ambivalence to ending my sabbatical from church. I felt very reluctant at the mention of the church camp but my niece who is quite active in church or maybe she just enjoys hanging out with her friends wanted … Continue reading Know Thyself and Things that Irritates