Dear Married People

Photo credit:; Artist: sasint Dear Married People, These are a few thoughts from your single friends who are not miserable. Let me be free to live the life I have chosen. Let me do what’s in my best interest. Sometimes, some of us were in a crappy situation and now are happy to just … Continue reading Dear Married People


Quality Time: Role of Friends

On my Instagram, I wrote the following meme: This was in reaction to the message I kept seeing that said (paraphrase) you can still have a very close friendship when you catch up with each other every month or every few months and it will be like you haven't missed a thing. Two of my … Continue reading Quality Time: Role of Friends


Photo credit:; Artist: Concord90 Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers or people who will be trying to fill their mandatory romance quota for the year - from yours truly,  a terminally single woman V-day had never packed much fanfare for me. I am not sure why it never really caught on. I guess … Continue reading V-Day

On the Mind Dominates the Heart

So I recently bumped into a blog in which the writer is very open and explicit about her personal life. I admire such ability to bare all whether in person or online. One of the things that is a struggle for her is being in love with two people - the ex and the intended … Continue reading On the Mind Dominates the Heart

Do I Look Fat Syndrome

If you have spent time around a group of women, you will know that women fish for compliments. When it comes to getting compliments from men, if they do not get the right answer, there will be consequences.Am I wrong? Women have a bad habit of expecting something specific from men but never saying it; … Continue reading Do I Look Fat Syndrome

What’s Your Sacrifice?

What are you willing to do to get your hopes, dream or desires?I know that the running punchline is the millennials are the lazy and entitled generation - the now, the me, the safe space generation; however, we all have a little bit of that when it comes to making hard decisions. Photo credit: … Continue reading What’s Your Sacrifice?

The Good Lover

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself I want a good lover? Most singles are more comfortable in saying they want a husband or a wife but never a lover. The idea of a lover is always associated with illicit, wild and sex but I beg to differ. There is more than meets the eye to … Continue reading The Good Lover

We All Have Issues

Today I was having a conversation with a therapist and we were discussing the resistant patients. These are people who find themselves in therapy but are not ready to be there.  Therapy definitely gets a bad-rap but when you are ready and find the right provider, it can make a significant difference. We all have issues; however, some people … Continue reading We All Have Issues

Sex Without Emotional Connection

"Sex without emotional connection is like dancing without music" - Dr. Sue Johnson. See interview here. I was scrolling through social media and this tidbit popped up. It was a short interview clip but I got her point and I could not agree more. Long gone are the days when sex was believed to just be for procreation. … Continue reading Sex Without Emotional Connection