Boundaries – Disappointing Self

Recently, I found myself very angry. Red hot poker angry at someone. I was at home stewing and marinating on why 'you' made me angry. After hours, sleep and more ruminating, I could not stop feeling all these emotions - betrayed, disappointment, used etc. I felt so justified. I felt like a victim. Right before … Continue reading Boundaries – Disappointing Self


Disappointments and Praises

There have been a number of disappointments and moments that create unforeseen frustrations but every now and then God throws a monkey wrench in the flow of disappointment with a praise worthy situation. I understand that even through disappointments, we should give praise but I am going to be honest... I am very human and … Continue reading Disappointments and Praises

Question to the Unedited Readers

If you have constantly prayed to God for something and you still have not received it, do you stop praying for that thing and move on? It may be hard to reconcile that the plans you have for yourself are not the same plans God has for you.  Because we have no control over the future, … Continue reading Question to the Unedited Readers