The Hell Of A Relationship

As the therapist spoke, I felt myself becoming more cynical and apathetic to his client's situation. Actually, my cynicism was there long before this therapist staffed his client. I had expressed my cold eye-rolling opinion about this particular client's situation in an email exchange; however, as the therapist staffed, I remained quiet. There was no … Continue reading The Hell Of A Relationship

Marriage Advice: Run…Like the Wind

Mohamed_Hassan/ Oh stop it! Laugh with me. So I was at a work bridal shower recently and the Mrs-to-be quizzed the attendees on their marriage advice. I said "run" and the person beside me said "like the wind." 🙂 I was actually joking but the person beside me was serious. She was a divorcee who … Continue reading Marriage Advice: Run…Like the Wind

Your Arrogance

"I was the best thing he ever had""She won't find anyone better" "No woman will ever treat him this good" Still Salty? Photo credit: Pixabay Artist: Comfreak   Bitterness is a nasty pill to taste but it is even worst when you carry it around with you. When a relationship blows apart, the first thing … Continue reading Your Arrogance

It Is Time To Give Up On Finding ‘True Love’

Marriage #??? A gentleman sat in front of me and as we talked, I inquired about his 5th marriage. Yes, 5th! I was expecting him to say, I finally found the one after all the other failures but he flipped the script. Instead, he said they had been separated and are in the process of a … Continue reading It Is Time To Give Up On Finding ‘True Love’

An Advocate for Divorce

Growing up, divorce was not a word in which I was familiar except on daytime TV. I grew up with intact unions and regular family drama from a kid's point of view. Of course, as a child, I saw married people and families together but whether their relationships were good is another story that came to … Continue reading An Advocate for Divorce

A Message To A Troubled Marriage

That's where you belong, in the arms of the woman you fell in love with so long ago That's where you belong, spending time with the father of your children That's where you belong, making plans, making love and building a future Every marriage has its turbulence but each person has a choice Looking outside … Continue reading A Message To A Troubled Marriage

Whose Grass Is Greener

  There are two predominant schools of thought when it comes to relationship: The grass is greener on the other side The grass on your side just needs to be watered and it will be as green as the next guy's When it comes to relationship and making connection with someone else, things are never … Continue reading Whose Grass Is Greener

Divorce Is A Result Of Selfishness

  "Divorce is the result of selfish people." I was in church when the pastor made that bold and unapologetic statement. Initially, I thought that it was a stupid statement on his part. Afterall, people get divorced because of horrific things such as physical abuse, molestation etc. So, how could I look at a divorcee in such a … Continue reading Divorce Is A Result Of Selfishness