Are There Any Good Partners Left?

Are there any good men left? That question was posed to me by someone who was looking for companionship but has entangled herself into some unsavory situations. A few days before that, a man was in distress after finding out that his spouse was cheating with a married man for over a year. Yet, she … Continue reading Are There Any Good Partners Left?

Domestic Violence: The Holy Hell

"God does not like divorce" and "You need to pray" are popular rhetoric in the Christian world. These are some of the most dismissive and dangerous advice given to Christians who are in harmful domestic situations. It is the unspoken belief that God will make a miraculous delivery of the person in danger like Daniel in the lion's den-God will fix … Continue reading Domestic Violence: The Holy Hell

A Woman’s CHOICE: DV and Rape

When people use the word victim, it connotes that a traumatic situation has happened to someone which was outside of her control. Women throughout history have been the victims of a number of crimes but the two most noted, which statistics indicate are majority female related, are domestic violence and rape. Over the years of having been exposed to domestic violence and rape … Continue reading A Woman’s CHOICE: DV and Rape