Disappointments and Praises

There have been a number of disappointments and moments that create unforeseen frustrations but every now and then God throws a monkey wrench in the flow of disappointment with a praise worthy situation. I understand that even through disappointments, we should give praise but I am going to be honest... I am very human and … Continue reading Disappointments and Praises

When You Are Hungry – Heart’s Desires

You should never go grocery shopping hungry. It's because the mind is not in a rational state and the shopper will be preoccupied with thinking about satisfying the feeling of hunger at that moment instead of  making good nutritional choices for future meals. Let's apply the grocery shopping analogy to Christian life. There are many Christians who are struggling at this moment. Their struggles have nothing to … Continue reading When You Are Hungry – Heart’s Desires

The Suicide Lie

22 a day. If you are associated with the military, then this phrase means something to you. It refers to 22 veterans committing suicide per day. Even with such a visible campaign to address suicide amongst the former military population, it continues. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US according to … Continue reading The Suicide Lie

I Make A Terrible Christian

I am a terrible Christian and have always been. The last time I was in church it was over a month ago and I can't remember the sermon. I have my Bible by my bedside but I infrequently read it now. I prefer 'sinners' to 'saints' because I think most 'sinners' are more honest and … Continue reading I Make A Terrible Christian

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

There is yet again another mass shooting. This will be the second one in a house of God. As people search to find answers as to what is going on and why the US has become a place for mass mourning, Christians are to take refuge in God's words. We are only here but for a short time. … Continue reading Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

God Challenge

  It is no secret that I have taken an undetermined sabbatical from attending church on a regular basis. I would sit in a pew and it had the same effect as sitting and watching shuffle board - nothing. My relationship with God has been like a roller coaster but I never abandon my belief. … Continue reading God Challenge

Kryptonite – What’s Your Weakness?

Superman has a well known weakness - kryptonite - which robs him of his strength and the ability to defend himself. For most of us, we have many areas in our lives in which we are the tower of strength but there is always something that is a stumbling block which impedes us constantly. It can be very hard … Continue reading Kryptonite – What’s Your Weakness?

Riding the Edge

I'm on the edge' that nebulous edge that is unique for different people. It can be scary, exhilarating, experimental, depressing,  or even dark. It is that edge most people tell themselves they will never cross. It is the 'it will never happen to me' place. Well, that is until you find yourself in a state of mind in which you … Continue reading Riding the Edge

Accepting Death: Finding Comfort in a Belief in God

I am awake at an unreasonable hour due to a rare bad dream. The dream was unrealistic and something out of an exorcist episode; however, when I woke up, my first thought was towards a video that was forwarded to me. The video captured the death of some people in a car who were trapped in rushing flood … Continue reading Accepting Death: Finding Comfort in a Belief in God

Blessings Smoke Signal

While rummaging on Facebook, I came across an inspirational post. The gist of it was what may seem like a disappointing tragedy could turn out to be God's smoke signal that attracts his blessings. I honestly have to say that I tend to ignore most of those religious inspirational babblings. Maybe I am not at that place in which they do anything … Continue reading Blessings Smoke Signal