Sorry, I Am Not Your Blessing

Photo by on Our warped ego tells us that we are the best thing since gluten-free whole wheat slice bread. We are the heart-healthy gift to everyone. Wait for it... No, we are not! When the emotionally wounded retell their country-music-broken-heart-sad stories, they are the victims of a selfish ogre, the precious peach … Continue reading Sorry, I Am Not Your Blessing


Boundaries – Disappointing Self

Recently, I found myself very angry. Red hot poker angry at someone. I was at home stewing and marinating on why 'you' made me angry. After hours, sleep and more ruminating, I could not stop feeling all these emotions - betrayed, disappointment, used etc. I felt so justified. I felt like a victim. Right before … Continue reading Boundaries – Disappointing Self

The Unresolved Destruction

I hold on to the good things while dismissing the bad things or I hold on to the bad things which eclipses the good things Which one are you? When people walk into a therapist's office,  they are usually at their wits end. Their way is no longer working - the cup hath runneth over … Continue reading The Unresolved Destruction

God’s Grace

The story has been drilled into every Christian's religious lesson about God's grace. He came, He saw, He forgave, He died and He rose. We are all saved by His grace and mercy. 'We are saved by grace' is such a beautiful concept to read, hear and sing about but it can be a difficult concept to accept. … Continue reading God’s Grace

The Trust Is Broken

Trust is one of the founding fathers of any strong relationship It strengthens a bond and forges a formidable connection It makes love sweeter and worth every effort It gives you confidence that your relationship can survive any test   Then something happens and trust is cracked, broken, or shattered It starts a nightmare that cycles doubt and … Continue reading The Trust Is Broken

A Message To A Troubled Marriage

That's where you belong, in the arms of the woman you fell in love with so long ago That's where you belong, spending time with the father of your children That's where you belong, making plans, making love and building a future Every marriage has its turbulence but each person has a choice Looking outside … Continue reading A Message To A Troubled Marriage

Keeping It Real – The Personal Edition

Last year was the year of making some "I would never in a million years do that" decisions. Enough to the point, that I had to re-examine my integrity, values, identity and most importantly strength. The realizations is that I am capable of thinking, saying and doing things that I would never have imagined. It is … Continue reading Keeping It Real – The Personal Edition

The Side Chick- An Unpopular Conversation

Many of the patriarchs of the Bible had side chicks  but that practice was legitimize by calling it multiple wives and concubines. Solomon was wise in almost everything except when it comes to the number of women associated with him. 1000 wives and concubines are a bit much for any man. In the Westernize society, except for a … Continue reading The Side Chick- An Unpopular Conversation

God Challenge

  It is no secret that I have taken an undetermined sabbatical from attending church on a regular basis. I would sit in a pew and it had the same effect as sitting and watching shuffle board - nothing. My relationship with God has been like a roller coaster but I never abandon my belief. … Continue reading God Challenge