When I started this blog, I never intended to write much from the "spill my guts" point of view. I thought I would blab about things that people are afraid to talk about and keep my personal life to a minimum. However, every now and then I do share things without delving much into specific … Continue reading Cup Is FULL


Being Your Own Nurse – Single Life

Photo:; Artist: DieterRobbins As much as being single has its many positive sides, there are those moments when a single person could use a partner to help. As the rain beats down outside making a sweet lullaby, I am in bed writhing in pain. Okay, maybe writhing is a bit strong but nevertheless I … Continue reading Being Your Own Nurse – Single Life

Sorry, I Am Not Your Blessing

Photo by on Our warped ego tells us that we are the best thing since gluten-free whole wheat slice bread. We are the heart-healthy gift to everyone. Wait for it... No, we are not! When the emotionally wounded retell their country-music-broken-heart-sad stories, they are the victims of a selfish ogre, the precious peach … Continue reading Sorry, I Am Not Your Blessing

Boundaries – Disappointing Self

Recently, I found myself very angry. Red hot poker angry at someone. I was at home stewing and marinating on why 'you' made me angry. After hours, sleep and more ruminating, I could not stop feeling all these emotions - betrayed, disappointment, used etc. I felt so justified. I felt like a victim. Right before … Continue reading Boundaries – Disappointing Self

I Am The Problem

The quickest way to resolve a problem is to blame someone else. Photo credit: Google search No? You don't agree? I was reading an IG post that talked about watching your tongue and something hit me. I had to immediately take responsibility for being the little devil when it comes to talking bad about someone. … Continue reading I Am The Problem

You Know When You Know

I am not afraid of change and I tend to move when my internal clock says it's time to get going. After that message is sent to my brain, I start my journey. I feel like I am on a never ending journey that is like a roller coaster. I am not sure if I … Continue reading You Know When You Know

The Gift of Christmas

Christmas started from a pagan custom then adopted by Christianity and has now transitioned to commercialism. You have to dig pretty deep to find the traditional Christmas music that has Christ as the center. Every commercial and feel good movie are about getting gifts for Christmas or from Santa. People say happy holidays to be … Continue reading The Gift of Christmas

Christmas For One

I have decided that this year I am doing Christmas as a solo. I will call family and wish them a Merry Christmas from the warmth and comfort of my home. I will be lounging around, dancing around, sipping wine starting at an appropriate hour of course, with Christmas carols playing from my cell phone … Continue reading Christmas For One

Darn It Enough Is Enough!

We love to play the victim or the martyr because it makes for a good story. Greek tragedies, sappy love songs and everything country music (LOL) are odes to the victim mentality. Face it! We love to hang on to the wrongs and the depressing things that happen in our lives. I am speaking from experience. … Continue reading Darn It Enough Is Enough!

When Love Dies You Die

Surely, you have heard the phrase 'die from a broken heart.' It is easy to scoff at that saying as being ridiculous but think about an old couple who die within minutes of each other. The emotions significantly affect the physical. In the new testament, Jesus and his disciples would go on about love and its importance … Continue reading When Love Dies You Die