A Plane Crashed

I might be a little scattered with this blog but walk with me. I woke up this morning feeling energized for the rainy and overcast day. I had plans to go watch How to Train a Dragon but the weather nixed that idea. (Yes, I do still watch kiddies animation movies with adult themes. It's … Continue reading A Plane Crashed


Quality Time: Role of Friends

On my Instagram, I wrote the following meme: This was in reaction to the message I kept seeing that said (paraphrase) you can still have a very close friendship when you catch up with each other every month or every few months and it will be like you haven't missed a thing. Two of my … Continue reading Quality Time: Role of Friends

Be Picky

I think the words "picky" and "choosy" are more frequently and negatively applied to single women trying to find a mate than to our male counterparts. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com The Basics of Women No matter how independent women are, they truly appreciate men who know how to lead. Do not confuse leadership with … Continue reading Be Picky

An Order of Toxic Please

While sitting at the table of life, Jesus came to take your order. You put away the menu and went off the cuff "could I have a order of toxic relationship please and make it extra spicy so I feel the burn for a long time." Some people were born into toxic situations (you know … Continue reading An Order of Toxic Please

Blowing Through STOP Signs

Yesterday was a long-time friend's birthday. I sent a text saying happy birthday with no response which was unusual. History: We met right before I left the military many moons ago and we kept in contact every few months over the years. Knowing Someone I would say I have a pretty good idea about my friend's personality. He … Continue reading Blowing Through STOP Signs

Light Hearted

Every now and then I can lighten up. It is required for my mental health and your reading pleasure. Women and the pains of beauty So, I am a 1/2inch heels or sandals wearing kind of a girl woman. My occasional ladies night out usually brings out the dress-I-bought-a-year (or 2)-ago-in-case-I-might-wear-it-somewhere. As always, women like to dress to the … Continue reading Light Hearted

Single Support Frustration

Today, I am in a mood. It’s the irritated for no specific reason but there are underlying reasons kind of a mood. Oh course like many country songs, this mood spurred me to write about the frustration of finding good supports when you are single. I am in a unique situation. I am a single … Continue reading Single Support Frustration

Religious Conflicts – Hypocritical

How do you sincerely comfort and provide support to others you care about whose choices are the things bringing on their own distress? It happens in our lives all the time in which a friend or family comes to you for support but you know and have expressed that their choices and behaviors are the source of … Continue reading Religious Conflicts – Hypocritical

Stand Up for You

As singles, It is easy to settle for scraps Be a dirty secret Bargain for things that have an equivalent worth of a penny Allow others to take advantage Struggle to maintain healthy boundaries If you are not careful, allow someone to chip away at your value Compromise on the respect and love you deserve Guilt … Continue reading Stand Up for You

Periodic Mental Break Down

What does God want for me? People always say God wants the best for you but they are never specific about what that looks like in real-time.  To be fair, they can't because they don't know the future anymore than I do. If I should go with the Bible answer, then God wants me to have peace and … Continue reading Periodic Mental Break Down