Bible Smack Down

Photo credit: Google-Family Guy TV Show I was perusing IG when the usual annoying commercial rolled through my feed. It was a Campbells ad about an interracial family who used one of their soups to make a family traditional meal. I thought it was cute - it showed an intact household of an average middle … Continue reading Bible Smack Down


A Woman Loss

I am a woman loss. It has been happening so much more in the last few years because of different things occurring in my life. I am very changed and not always for the better from who I was in my early 30s. I can see it and feel it - my attitude, my mood, thought process. I know that … Continue reading A Woman Loss

God’s Grace

The story has been drilled into every Christian's religious lesson about God's grace. He came, He saw, He forgave, He died and He rose. We are all saved by His grace and mercy. 'We are saved by grace' is such a beautiful concept to read, hear and sing about but it can be a difficult concept to accept. … Continue reading God’s Grace

Question to the Unedited Readers

If you have constantly prayed to God for something and you still have not received it, do you stop praying for that thing and move on? It may be hard to reconcile that the plans you have for yourself are not the same plans God has for you.  Because we have no control over the future, … Continue reading Question to the Unedited Readers

Guest Blogger: Lessons in “Christian” Dating After Divorce – Linda M. Kurth

When my husband of six years left, I blamed God. There had been no divorces in my family. I’d been a good wife and a good Christian. How could God allow this? If God wouldn’t protect me, I didn’t need Him and His rules. Instead, I would live my life as I pleased. After several … Continue reading Guest Blogger: Lessons in “Christian” Dating After Divorce – Linda M. Kurth

New Year Same Stuff?

Welcome to 2018 I am thankful for seeing another day. I am thankful for my family, particularly my mother who was diagnosed with cancer but is doing better now and friends who are still here today. Like most people, I already had plans for this new year. They are not resolutions but life plans that I pray … Continue reading New Year Same Stuff?

I Make A Terrible Christian

I am a terrible Christian and have always been. The last time I was in church it was over a month ago and I can't remember the sermon. I have my Bible by my bedside but I infrequently read it now. I prefer 'sinners' to 'saints' because I think most 'sinners' are more honest and … Continue reading I Make A Terrible Christian

Sabbath – Day of Rest

The Sabbath is a part of the commandments; however, very few people choose to take a day of rest. People find it acceptable to work themselves into the ground but struggle to take a moment to breathe. The benefit of a rest day is to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. It can be a … Continue reading Sabbath – Day of Rest

The Bible and the Fantasy of War

(Copied image) It is hard to miss the current unrest in the middle east and other parts of the world. It is hard to miss the climbing number of soldiers who have died, are injured, and the innocent casualties of the never ending wars. This is certainly not the first time that countries have gone to … Continue reading The Bible and the Fantasy of War

Foresight: Learning To Take A Different Road

copied image Have you ever looked at some people whose lives are in a state of emergency and wondered how did they get there? Have you ever looked at yours and think the same thing. As child, I saw homeless people and my own parents had their financial struggles and I vowed then and there … Continue reading Foresight: Learning To Take A Different Road