The Janet Jackson song comes to mind đŸŽ¶đŸŽ€ Control. It's okay if you want to Youtube the song for nostalgia sake. So, a few things inspired this rambling. While I was on vacation, we had taken a water taxi to do a short excursion and on the way back, we saw police tapes. As the … Continue reading Control

Heal the Broken

When I was a child, one of my passions was to help people. I thought about all the potential jobs that would help me accomplish this dream - teacher, nurse, doctor, volunteer with UNICEF, Red cross etc. Due to many twists of fate, I stumbled onto mental health. Starting in college to Pre-Master's program, I … Continue reading Heal the Broken

The Trust Is Broken

Trust is one of the founding fathers of any strong relationship It strengthens a bond and forges a formidable connection It makes love sweeter and worth every effort It gives you confidence that your relationship can survive any test   Then something happens and trust is cracked, broken, or shattered It starts a nightmare that cycles doubt and … Continue reading The Trust Is Broken

Bitterness is Contagious

Bitterness is like the flu in its infectious state. It can be passed on easily and unsuspectingly to many others. The only time you are aware of being contaminated is after the virus has settled in the body and is already attacking the system. I was reading an IG post that went viral because the commenter provided an interpretation of a situation and … Continue reading Bitterness is Contagious

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

There is yet again another mass shooting. This will be the second one in a house of God. As people search to find answers as to what is going on and why the US has become a place for mass mourning, Christians are to take refuge in God's words. We are only here but for a short time. … Continue reading Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled