Photo credit: Pixabay.com; Artist: Concord90 Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers or people who will be trying to fill their mandatory romance quota for the year - from yours truly,  a terminally single woman V-day had never packed much fanfare for me. I am not sure why it never really caught on. I guess … Continue reading V-Day


Confession of An Older Single Woman

  Being an older woman and single is not an easy feat. You have to suffer through "do you have a man yet?" by every one and their mother every time they see you. Everyone is "praying for you" because your love life is not swinging. Of course, people want to set you up because they believe your life … Continue reading Confession of An Older Single Woman

My Struggle to Emotionally Connect

Happy New Year to everyone and many blessings to you all. My Christian parents came to visit for the Christmas and while we were driving from NY to MD a very familiar conversation ensued. My father asked why don't I go back to church?Keep in mind that this has been a repeated question almost EVERY … Continue reading My Struggle to Emotionally Connect

If Your Mate Offends You, Then

 copied image The Christians who are familiar with their bible should see the direction in which I am heading with this post titled "If your mate offends you, then." This is a variation on the theme of Matt. 18: 8-9 in which Jesus made statements that if something offends you then  cut it (him/her) loose. Harder said … Continue reading If Your Mate Offends You, Then

One- Can Be A Terribly Lonely Number

A coworker disclosed to me that she had some feelings of not wanting to exist. At first I was confused because I could not fathom this very vibrant person feeling this way. However, as we chatted a bit and she explained what was going on, I completely understood and wondered how many people have similar experiences. First, … Continue reading One- Can Be A Terribly Lonely Number