Emotional Affairs – What’s the Big Deal

Photo credit: Pixabay.com; Artist: pixel2013 I saw a video circulating a while ago of a pastor and his wife preaching. He was admitting to the congregation his wrong doings with a woman. Actually, he was skirting around the issue of accepting responsibility. He pretty much blamed the kitchen sink. His wife took the microphone and … Continue reading Emotional Affairs – What’s the Big Deal


Question for the Unedited Readers

If a man (Christian or secular) constantly looks at you with lustful eyes (or what you perceive to be lustful), do you think there is room in his mind to think of you with respect and appreciation? Think King David and Bathsheba or even your own experiences. I would love to hear your responses in the comment section or send me … Continue reading Question for the Unedited Readers

Christian+Single+Sexually on Fire

At the risk of being branded immoral and unchristian,  it's now time to open the closet doors with a few more frank Christian sexual and single discussions.  There is no denying that I find sexuality very interesting. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that anything surrounding sex is kept an open secret for may … Continue reading Christian+Single+Sexually on Fire