The Janet Jackson song comes to mind šŸŽ¶šŸŽ¤ Control. It's okay if you want to Youtube the song for nostalgia sake. So, a few things inspired this rambling. While I was on vacation, we had taken a water taxi to do a short excursion and on the way back, we saw police tapes. As the … Continue reading Control

An Order of Toxic Please

While sitting at the table of life, Jesus came to take your order. You put away the menu and went off the cuff "could I have a order of toxic relationship please and make it extra spicy so I feel the burn for a long time." Some people were born into toxic situations (you know … Continue reading An Order of Toxic Please

The Exhausted Parent

Parenting is a never ending exhausting task many people willingly take on for 18 years of their lives. I think most people who have never had children or it's been a long time since they have been around young children consistentlyĀ are not aware or don't remember how much work goes into trying toĀ raise decent human … Continue reading The Exhausted Parent

Celebrating 42 and Reflecting on the Good and the Bad

  I recently aged one more blessed year to 42 yikes! When I think about that number, I sigh and think about all my mistakes and wishing for some do-overs. I also think about the goodĀ things in my life. The Lessons CHOICES - For over a year, I have come to fully understand Paul's lament … Continue reading Celebrating 42 and Reflecting on the Good and the Bad