U.S. Privileged

I was having a conversation with a friend and the topic turned to guns. He believes that liberals are threatening to take away all guns and this will cause a civil war. Image Credit: Google My rhetorical statement was the privileged would be willing to destroy a way of life over something so stupid. When … Continue reading U.S. Privileged


Open Season on the Uterus

It seems that the 2011-2012 political year should be called Happy Hunting Season for Women. It is pretty bad when even I, oblivious of politics, take notice of all the issues surrounding women. What is it about women's reproductive system that is so threatening to everyone? I admit that my personal beliefs do not make … Continue reading Open Season on the Uterus

Separation of Church and State

(copied image) Politics is definitely not my strong area; however, a recent political news headline caught my attention. It was regarding Mr Santorum's proclamation that "I almost threw up' when he revisited President Kennedy's speech about the separation of church and state. Mr Santorum indicated that the former president had done wrong to not showcase his faith through … Continue reading Separation of Church and State