When I started this blog, I never intended to write much from the "spill my guts" point of view. I thought I would blab about things that people are afraid to talk about and keep my personal life to a minimum. However, every now and then I do share things without delving much into specific … Continue reading Cup Is FULL


Deadly Distracted Mind

One of my greatest strength is my mind. I pride myself on taking a situation and running multiple scenarios in a matter of seconds in order to make decisions or solve a problem. I can be logical which is very efficient for me. However, one of the downsides is that I ruminate. This is something … Continue reading Deadly Distracted Mind

Boundaries – Disappointing Self

Recently, I found myself very angry. Red hot poker angry at someone. I was at home stewing and marinating on why 'you' made me angry. After hours, sleep and more ruminating, I could not stop feeling all these emotions - betrayed, disappointment, used etc. I felt so justified. I felt like a victim. Right before … Continue reading Boundaries – Disappointing Self

Do You Still Pray?

With all the crazy things happening in our world, the belief in God is not dead even though sometimes it seems that way. I was greeted with this image of fire fighters kneeling in prayer because of the loss of a mother and baby. The news is quick to report the gruesome and the heartlessness of people … Continue reading Do You Still Pray?

Question to the Unedited Readers

If you have constantly prayed to God for something and you still have not received it, do you stop praying for that thing and move on? It may be hard to reconcile that the plans you have for yourself are not the same plans God has for you.  Because we have no control over the future, … Continue reading Question to the Unedited Readers

Periodic Mental Break Down

What does God want for me? People always say God wants the best for you but they are never specific about what that looks like in real-time.  To be fair, they can't because they don't know the future anymore than I do. If I should go with the Bible answer, then God wants me to have peace and … Continue reading Periodic Mental Break Down

The Prayer of Comfort

In the recent week, there had been two mass casualty events -  the Boston bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas. Most Christians will point to these things as the 'sign of the times' or 'Jesus is near.' Other radicals will point to this as America's punishment for sins. People will use tragedy to further … Continue reading The Prayer of Comfort

Revenge at the Pulpit

So a few weeks ago I visited a church while staying with a friend. If  you follow my blog, then you will know that it has been many moons since my last church visit and ages before that. No, I did not burst into flames or was struck by lightning from God's wrath due to my absence. As … Continue reading Revenge at the Pulpit

Praying Away Mental Illness

copied image Mental illness has held a very distasteful stigma since the dawn of time. During the bible period, when it was mentioned, people who had mental issues were quietly put away and forgotten. With all the liberation this world has experienced, mental illness is still unsupported and not addressed in the church. Well, to … Continue reading Praying Away Mental Illness