Emotional Affairs – What’s the Big Deal

Photo credit: Pixabay.com; Artist: pixel2013 I saw a video circulating a while ago of a pastor and his wife preaching. He was admitting to the congregation his wrong doings with a woman. Actually, he was skirting around the issue of accepting responsibility. He pretty much blamed the kitchen sink. His wife took the microphone and … Continue reading Emotional Affairs – What’s the Big Deal

Tired of Being Single – Love and Longing

Almost everyone is familiar with the expression 'the one that got away.' I know a few people have stories. The bottom line to such stories are about people who have loved and is longing for what they don't have. Whether the 'the one that got away' was real love, our minds create it as the epic sad … Continue reading Tired of Being Single – Love and Longing

When Love Dies You Die

Surely, you have heard the phrase 'die from a broken heart.' It is easy to scoff at that saying as being ridiculous but think about an old couple who die within minutes of each other. The emotions significantly affect the physical. In the new testament, Jesus and his disciples would go on about love and its importance … Continue reading When Love Dies You Die