Bible Smack Down

Photo credit: Google-Family Guy TV Show I was perusing IG when the usual annoying commercial rolled through my feed. It was a Campbells ad about an interracial family who used one of their soups to make a family traditional meal. I thought it was cute - it showed an intact household of an average middle … Continue reading Bible Smack Down


Absent from Church

(image copied from It is quite an oxymoron to be an church absentee believer. However, some Christians have passed through this stage at one time or another and probably more often than one would care to admit. I have been absent from a physical church for sometime and this is to the distress or my parents.  They … Continue reading Absent from Church

Religious Doubt

Believing in a God is truly a faith-based business. If one should stop and think about all those religious preachings, it may cause some serious doubt and questioning of one's sanity. Everything about religion, no matter which belief you have, seems more like a cruel fairytale in which you are rooting for the happily ever … Continue reading Religious Doubt