Superficial Friday

So, it was time for me to renew my passport. Like everyone else, I hate those dreaded mandatory pictures you have to take. Well, because I didn't rehearse my facial expressions, I had one bland look for the 6 photo op. When I got the pictures back, I HATED them. They looked like mug shots … Continue reading Superficial Friday

Learning to Recover

The recovery process in life is arduous whether it is from injury, illness, traumatic event or emotional distress . When you are in the middle of your situation, your mind is busy reacting or planning to keep you afloat. It is almost automatic survival mode. However, once the urgency and crisis have passed, it is time for … Continue reading Learning to Recover

Love My Perfect Imperfections

Yes, I did just take a line from John Legend's All of You. It has taken 42 years to get comfortable in my skin and accept my perfect imperfections. I still do fuss a little about them when I am in my mood but for the most part, I have come to realize that no … Continue reading Love My Perfect Imperfections

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Is Not the Fake Images on Social Media

      Ladies let's chit chat We can agree that most women will not use the words pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, hot or any variation to describe themselves. Why is that? Because reality shows, movies, magazines, and social media always showcase women in an impossible flawless form: Perfect make up (even when a woman is just … Continue reading The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Is Not the Fake Images on Social Media

The Insecurity of Others

I was up early watching the snow fall and feeling cozy inside because I got a snow day from work whoo hoo! That is the only good thing about snow. Anyway, I was getting ready to search YouTube for a workout video and the above image popped up in my news feed. Why is this important? The … Continue reading The Insecurity of Others

Keeping It Real – The Personal Edition

Last year was the year of making some "I would never in a million years do that" decisions. Enough to the point, that I had to re-examine my integrity, values, identity and most importantly strength. The realizations is that I am capable of thinking, saying and doing things that I would never have imagined. It is … Continue reading Keeping It Real – The Personal Edition

New Year Same Stuff?

Welcome to 2018 I am thankful for seeing another day. I am thankful for my family, particularly my mother who was diagnosed with cancer but is doing better now and friends who are still here today. Like most people, I already had plans for this new year. They are not resolutions but life plans that I pray … Continue reading New Year Same Stuff?

Keeping It Real

Sometimes we knowingly make bad choices because the immediate gratification makes us feel good in the moment. This is obviously a sign of desperately missing or wanting something in our lives and we are willing to accept whatever is available now even when we know the long-term outcome is not in our favor. Marriage does not bring out … Continue reading Keeping It Real

Common Sense Guide to Self-Love

Do not confuse self-love with conceit or selfishness. The act of self-love is learning and practicing ways to take care of your mind, body, emotions and spirit. In my day-to-day work with patients, there is an overwhelming problem with self-love. People consistently fight against it and choose to wallow in their pain and pity. This became an … Continue reading Common Sense Guide to Self-Love