Why So Many Christians Want to Go On Mission Trips to Help Kids But Don’t Want Them Here

https://relevantmagazine.com/culture/global-culture/why-so-many-christians-want-to-go-on-mission-trips-to-help-kids-but-dont-want-them-here//?fbclid=IwAR1SdqUaUVU20Sy8nLtDUdMSJ8494N7B3SSW84MWdUunteMlKEzG4bWCjEI POSTED ONJULY 12, 20197 MINUTE READMIKE RUMLEY-WELLS A friend just asked a question which got me thinking down some heavy pathways. I’m going to try to get this down before it fades. I’ll need to connect some dots, so bear with me. Living in Nicaragua made me less judgmental. That surprised me. I was … Continue reading Why So Many Christians Want to Go On Mission Trips to Help Kids But Don’t Want Them Here

When Life Gives You Manure

I am sure you have heard the saying, when life gives you lemons make lemonade or some other delectable lemon treat. I think that saying has an age shelf life. It may be for the teens and young adult years when life is simpler. After this time, life pulls the soft wool from your eyes and … Continue reading When Life Gives You Manure

The Selfish Me

(copied image) The trouble with being introspective is that you cannot  play ignorant with yourself. Once some glimmer of insight comes to light, then you are obligated to pay attention. Introspection has become an everyday part of me and my most recent light is that I am too selfish and shallow to be anyone's wife. … Continue reading The Selfish Me

Love ThySelf

The news has been chock full o' goodies lately. It is just another day for suicide-murder suicide-more suicide and more murder suicide. Now, one of the things said about suicide is that it is a selfish act. The people who commit suicide were only thinking of themselves and not about the people around them. On … Continue reading Love ThySelf

Divorce Is A Result Of Selfishness

  "Divorce is the result of selfish people." I was in church when the pastor made that bold and unapologetic statement. Initially, I thought that it was a stupid statement on his part. Afterall, people get divorced because of horrific things such as physical abuse, molestation etc. So, how could I look at a divorcee in such a … Continue reading Divorce Is A Result Of Selfishness