Being Your Own Nurse – Single Life

Photo:; Artist: DieterRobbins As much as being single has its many positive sides, there are those moments when a single person could use a partner to help. As the rain beats down outside making a sweet lullaby, I am in bed writhing in pain. Okay, maybe writhing is a bit strong but nevertheless I … Continue reading Being Your Own Nurse – Single Life


Dear Married People

Photo credit:; Artist: sasint Dear Married People, These are a few thoughts from your single friends who are not miserable. Let me be free to live the life I have chosen. Let me do what’s in my best interest. Sometimes, some of us were in a crappy situation and now are happy to just … Continue reading Dear Married People


Photo credit:; Artist: Concord90 Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers or people who will be trying to fill their mandatory romance quota for the year - from yours truly,  a terminally single woman V-day had never packed much fanfare for me. I am not sure why it never really caught on. I guess … Continue reading V-Day

Ideal Woman – Not

All my cooking recipes start with quick, simple or easy. If a man plans to get with this single lady, it will not be for my cooking. He will fall in love with my mind, witty sense of humour and my smoking hot body - 😂. KITCHEN SKILLS - NOT Exhibit A - My shoddy … Continue reading Ideal Woman – Not

Your Arrogance

"I was the best thing he ever had""She won't find anyone better" "No woman will ever treat him this good" Still Salty? Photo credit: Pixabay Artist: Comfreak   Bitterness is a nasty pill to taste but it is even worst when you carry it around with you. When a relationship blows apart, the first thing … Continue reading Your Arrogance

An Order of Toxic Please

While sitting at the table of life, Jesus came to take your order. You put away the menu and went off the cuff "could I have a order of toxic relationship please and make it extra spicy so I feel the burn for a long time." Some people were born into toxic situations (you know … Continue reading An Order of Toxic Please

Christmas For One

I have decided that this year I am doing Christmas as a solo. I will call family and wish them a Merry Christmas from the warmth and comfort of my home. I will be lounging around, dancing around, sipping wine starting at an appropriate hour of course, with Christmas carols playing from my cell phone … Continue reading Christmas For One

Soul Cleaning

I was going through my blog reading list and came across a post that resonated with me. BeautyBeyondBones talked about looking within yourself to see what needs to be fixed or cleaned. It hit me that I have some areas that need a little overhaul. The other day I was speaking with a friend who … Continue reading Soul Cleaning

What Scares You About You

As a child, I grew up with family all around. I had to seek out my quiet space to do my soulful scribbling or childish artistry. It was such a sense of peace to have those stolen moments. I was at work the other day and it was just one other person and myself on … Continue reading What Scares You About You

Singles Fear – Vacation Party of One

Feel free to admit it. The thought of vacationing alone can be nerve-racking. Picture it, you are hot and ready to trot for a vacation. The price is right and the time is way overdue. You can already see yourself at your destination and the thought brings a huge ridiculous smile on your face. Hold on! You can … Continue reading Singles Fear – Vacation Party of One