Are There Any Good Partners Left?

Are there any good men left? That question was posed to me by someone who was looking for companionship but has entangled herself into some unsavory situations. A few days before that, a man was in distress after finding out that his spouse was cheating with a married man for over a year. Yet, she … Continue reading Are There Any Good Partners Left?

Christian+Single+Sexually on Fire

At the risk of being branded immoral and unchristian,  it's now time to open the closet doors with a few more frank Christian sexual and single discussions.  There is no denying that I find sexuality very interesting. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that anything surrounding sex is kept an open secret for may … Continue reading Christian+Single+Sexually on Fire

Christian Single Women Burden

During a sermon that was playing on 3ABN online, one of the pastor's promptly inserted that single women should stop spending their time focusing on finding a husband. Like so many speakers, this pastor is married (surprise! surprise!). He continued briefly to say that single women are making bad choices in men and that we should focus … Continue reading Christian Single Women Burden