The Hell Of A Relationship

As the therapist spoke, I felt myself becoming more cynical and apathetic to his client's situation. Actually, my cynicism was there long before this therapist staffed his client. I had expressed my cold eye-rolling opinion about this particular client's situation in an email exchange; however, as the therapist staffed, I remained quiet. There was no … Continue reading The Hell Of A Relationship

Marriage Advice: Run…Like the Wind

Mohamed_Hassan/ Oh stop it! Laugh with me. So I was at a work bridal shower recently and the Mrs-to-be quizzed the attendees on their marriage advice. I said "run" and the person beside me said "like the wind." ūüôā I was actually joking but the person beside me was serious. She was a divorcee who … Continue reading Marriage Advice: Run…Like the Wind

Too Damaged for Love

Everyone walks around with some form of a mask. However, there are those whose deep core was damaged severely. This makes it hard for them to truly love someone or accept love. No matter how much you show that you are in their corner, they never allow themselves to trust you completely. Photo credit:; … Continue reading Too Damaged for Love

An Order of Toxic Please

While sitting at the table of life, Jesus came to take your order. You put away the menu and went off the cuff "could I have a order of toxic relationship please and make it extra spicy so I feel the burn for a long time." Some people were born into toxic situations (you know … Continue reading An Order of Toxic Please

My Rant: Happy Single Naysayers

Why is it that people have such a difficult time with allowing singles to choose to be single or enjoy their singleness if they have not found the right person as yet or is not looking for that 'special someone'? Why¬†do people believe single and happy is an¬†oxymoron?¬†Are married people always happy? Is every single … Continue reading My Rant: Happy Single Naysayers

We All Have Issues

Today I was having a conversation with a¬†therapist and we were discussing the resistant patients. These are people who find themselves in therapy but¬†are¬†not ready¬†to be there.¬† Therapy definitely gets a bad-rap but when you are ready and find the right provider, it can make a significant difference. We all have issues; however, some people … Continue reading We All Have Issues