Too Damaged for Love

Everyone walks around with some form of a mask. However, there are those whose deep core was damaged severely. This makes it hard for them to truly love someone or accept love. No matter how much you show that you are in their corner, they never allow themselves to trust you completely. Photo credit:; … Continue reading Too Damaged for Love


Emotional Affairs – What’s the Big Deal

Photo credit:; Artist: pixel2013 I saw a video circulating a while ago of a pastor and his wife preaching. He was admitting to the congregation his wrong doings with a woman. Actually, he was skirting around the issue of accepting responsibility. He pretty much blamed the kitchen sink. His wife took the microphone and … Continue reading Emotional Affairs – What’s the Big Deal

Keeping It Real: Feeling Used

Do you ever feel used by the people or a person you trust? It is an uneasy feeling when you are not sure what to believe. The more connected you are with someone, the harder it is to tell when the person is not out for your best interest. The manipulation is subtle. It is not … Continue reading Keeping It Real: Feeling Used

The Trust Is Broken

Trust is one of the founding fathers of any strong relationship It strengthens a bond and forges a formidable connection It makes love sweeter and worth every effort It gives you confidence that your relationship can survive any test   Then something happens and trust is cracked, broken, or shattered It starts a nightmare that cycles doubt and … Continue reading The Trust Is Broken

Single Support Frustration

Today, I am in a mood. It’s the irritated for no specific reason but there are underlying reasons kind of a mood. Oh course like many country songs, this mood spurred me to write about the frustration of finding good supports when you are single. I am in a unique situation. I am a single … Continue reading Single Support Frustration

The Side Chick- An Unpopular Conversation

Many of the patriarchs of the Bible had side chicks  but that practice was legitimize by calling it multiple wives and concubines. Solomon was wise in almost everything except when it comes to the number of women associated with him. 1000 wives and concubines are a bit much for any man. In the Westernize society, except for a … Continue reading The Side Chick- An Unpopular Conversation

When the “Friend” in Friendship Goes Dim

Most Christians know the story of Peter's betrayal of Jesus. He denied Christ 3 times and disassociated himself. He went as far as to lie that he did not know Jesus after spending 3 years with him. Well, the most incredulous part of all that was Jesus forgave him and they rode off together in the … Continue reading When the “Friend” in Friendship Goes Dim