Keep Him In Line

You have to keep men on a short leash in order to get them to do what you want. The best way to hold on to a man is to keep his belly full and keep him guessing.  Sex is a powerful weapon, use it because a man will do anything for it. When women make such statements, other women … Continue reading Keep Him In Line

Learning to Recover

The recovery process in life is arduous whether it is from injury, illness, traumatic event or emotional distress . When you are in the middle of your situation, your mind is busy reacting or planning to keep you afloat. It is almost automatic survival mode. However, once the urgency and crisis have passed, it is time for … Continue reading Learning to Recover

Sex (lack of) and the Single Christian☺️

Yeah, I know, there should not be much to say but keep reading. I was bad 😈. I was all for the ‘I will save myself for marriage’ thing years ago until I honestly confessed to myself and God that ‘I don’t really buy into it.’ (Hold your stones). I still do support those who believe that no-sex before marriage … Continue reading Sex (lack of) and the Single Christian☺️

When Life Gives You Manure

I am sure you have heard the saying, when life gives you lemons make lemonade or some other delectable lemon treat. I think that saying has an age shelf life. It may be for the teens and young adult years when life is simpler. After this time, life pulls the soft wool from your eyes and … Continue reading When Life Gives You Manure

Darn It Enough Is Enough!

We love to play the victim or the martyr because it makes for a good story. Greek tragedies, sappy love songs and everything country music (LOL) are odes to the victim mentality. Face it! We love to hang on to the wrongs and the depressing things that happen in our lives. I am speaking from experience. … Continue reading Darn It Enough Is Enough!

A Woman Loss

I am a woman loss. It has been happening so much more in the last few years because of different things occurring in my life. I am very changed and not always for the better from who I was in my early 30s. I can see it and feel it - my attitude, my mood, thought process. I know that … Continue reading A Woman Loss

The Unicorn Man

Here is my firm stance when it comes to men -They are not stupid (even though you do have a few) -They are not helpless babies with all thumbs -They are not stupid (I had to repeat this one for the delusional women) If you read enough of my blogs on this topic, then you know … Continue reading The Unicorn Man

I Can Be Self-absorb

I have no control over anyone but myself” This is a line I use quite frequently when talking to patients about stress management. I, on the other hand, thought I was special and did not take my own advice ☺️😞. I thought I could circumvent the stress management process. Yes! Yes! I know, very arrogant … Continue reading I Can Be Self-absorb

Soft Porn In Social Media

The other day I was perusing my blog IG @Uneditedversion8946 feed. I clicked on a video and the adjoining paths took me down the rabbit hole of what I call IG soft porn. As a woman, it was a little disappointing. I am by far not a prude but I had to shake my head … Continue reading Soft Porn In Social Media